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New Girl from St Kilda

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by RubyRed, Oct 15, 2012.

  1. Hello ... I am new to this forum and new to riding as well. I have very recently acquired my learners and am still getting used to my bike! My boyfriend has been riding for a while and so bought me a red VTR250 to learn on (with a view to end my days as pillion). But I'm enjoying it!

    Just spending what time I can practising! Looking forward to improving so I can take the bike out during the day :LOL:

  2. Welcome Ruby

    You are very close to Elwood, so I'm sure one those regulars you tell you to get your butt down there on a Saturday, not just for the practice but to meet some other riders.

    Since you got a red one, just take it carefully, they go faster.
  3. Welcome to netrider, hope we see you at Sat practice at Elwood. Got a feeling trd2000 will be able to answer the lads questions above :)
  4. [MENTION=38952]trd2000[/MENTION] - PICTURES !
  5. lol.... welcome to NR.

    hope to see you ride your OWN damn bike soon! :cheeky:
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  6. His facebook only has two public pictures, curse you trd2000!
  7. [​IMG]
    i MAY have some more incriminating ones but there MAY be a probability of dying in my sleep associated with them.... 8-[:bolt:
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  8. no...that's enough...thankyou - you could've been a dick about it but you weren't.
  9. Hi and welcome Ruby.
  10. [MENTION=33715]Gurbachen[/MENTION] & [MENTION=34918]87crisis[/MENTION] -----> :rofl:

    Welcome to NR RR (y)
  11. she's beaten me enough for tonight...... lol

    edit. oh god i just realised what i said.
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  12. Ah! Boo! A massive photo? That's crap trd!


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  13. pic wars ! who will post the worst and end up sleeping on the couch !