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New girl from Melbourne

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by KrisKNR, Mar 26, 2013.

  1. Hi all,
    Just got put onto this site by a friend. I'm moving to East Bentleigh this week so am looking for some new South Eastern riding buddies!! Would be extra awesome if I met some fellow chick riders, haven't come across many of us :)
    Looking forward to making some new friends and some fun rides!!:p

  2. Hi KrisKNR welcome to NR hope you enjoy the site.. I'm from western suburbs but ride every day so if u need a riding buddy just let me know ??

    Other than that lots of info on the forums :)

    PS don't forget to look at the Saturday Practise as well it helps alot of learner riders and the people are great :)
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  3. .....and not just for learners. Plenty of us go to either brush up our skills, or just stand around and gasbag.

    Welcome to NR.
  4. Well I said alot not all :p
  5. Welcome from a fellow South Eastern rider

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  6. I'm still in the Western Suburbs til the end of this week:)
  7. Ok well if u want to catch up and go for a ride or need help with something just let me know or give me a PM :)
  8. I'm in Camberwell but ride to work near the Moorabbin Airport. Not a chick, but I've been told I ride like an old woman o_O
  9. Welcome aboard miss.
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  10. Hi Kris and welcome. Keep an eye out for the overnight rides too, awesome fun on great roads visiting far away places while getting to know your fellow riding buddies.

    This thread will go wild.......

    Enjoy Kris.
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  11. Yeah I might head down to BP tonight at 7 so if anyone will be there keep a look out. I'm on a green ninja :)
    And anyone else feel free to pm me for rides any nice day. I'm always up for a ride!

  12. Saturday practice? I'm interested!
  13. Well if u want to go down and need help getting there in more than happy to help :) just let me know and we will tee it up..
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  14. Welcome. How much riding have you done?

    Oh yeah. Paging mr @87crisis

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  15. Welcome Kris... Like the others say the Saturday practice is a great way to meet friendly riders and pick up some tips on techniques and road craft as well. There's a thread in the Vic events section. Lots of riders out West too if you want an escort in.
  16. Check out the tuesday night learner ride thread if your keen for a ride tonight
  17. I seen it a long time ago - she posted a photo - it's evident my precense isn't needed lol
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  18. I've been riding heaps, I ride to work every day. About 3000klms since I bought the bike :)
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  19. I'm good to get to places on my own, its just more fun with company and I'm loving the socialising with riding! I travel from West to South East every day for work. Just a bit slow with the cornering and not exceeding 90-100klms.