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New German Naked - Horex 6 Cylinder 1200

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Farab, Jun 24, 2010.

  1. The VR6 engine, is a 15 degree V6 triple overhead cam, with 3 valves per cylinder and a crankshaft driven variable ratio supercharger. Power output is said to be 175 to 200 hp and 150 Nm.


    Brush up on your German first:

    Honda, take note (referring to the new CB1100F): this is what a modern naked should look/be like! Basic naked/UJM design, but unmistakeable modern in looks and top gear.

    Look at the gear; USD front forks, Brembo(?) front brakes, no outdated duel rear shocks, etc. Being Euro, I guess odds are that the gear its decked out in will be pretty good (not generic look alikes). Stylish mirrors, low handle bar, just looks awesome! And that motor, a VR6!


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  2. I don't like the seat or the rear guard lines or the triple exhaust, the rest looks fine...
  3. Really? I think it looks kind of fake and plastic. Particularly around the tank area. The seat/rear guard finish is god-awful.

    Gee the marketing for mono-shocks really was effective wasn't it?
  4. holly wants one :D
  5. Waaaaaaaaaaaaant!
  6. That must be a VERRRRYYY tight vee angle in that motor - I'd say around 10-15 degrees max. To all intents it looks like a straight 6.
  7. 15 degrees.

    I say bring back the square 4.
  8. 15 deg V? whats the point?

    Thta's a huge radiator
  9. Well they've ****ed the fuel tank, unless this thing is some kind of women's only bike, or worse, some ****ed up cruiser inspired by Buell because the seat is just ****ed.

    Who makes a 1200 and doesn't put a full tail on it for comfortable pillion & luggage? Good luck with that bike, lol...it'll be a rare sight indeed.
  10. Packaging. Only slightly longer than an inline4 while a lot narrower than a V6.

  11. I kinda like it..... something a little different

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  13. Sorry, that is the most hiddeos thing I have ever seen

    Not that honda is makeing much that looks any better these days
  14. You must've lived a very sheltered life! I think it needs a different colour scheme because silver/brown doesn't really work, but I like the simple shape of this thing. It's a motorcycle that doesn't aspire to look like a fighter plane, transformer or a robot.... it's just a motorcycle and I'm OK with that. As I've grown older I find I don't need all my toys to look like transformers.
  15. It will scream bloody murder judging by those engine specs. Just looked around and expect it to rev to about 8-9k, but I dont know if you will get that same exhaust sound due to the triple pipes. Looks horn. I want one.
  16. I don't mind it, only thing i don't really like the look of is the pipe
  17. +1, hopefully it's a case of 'better looking in real life', like the VFR1200.
  18. I dunno. The Germans have fairly serious form in the Ugly Exhaust Championship of the World. I thought the square silencer on the early K100 was bad, but then they came up with the triangular monstrosity on the 75 :sick:.
  19. I dunno. The japs have been putting up a fight there lately too.

  20. Not to worry, they've moved their attention to headlights these days. :p

    also the FZ1