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New geelong/surf coast rider

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Dantom, Jan 19, 2016.

  1. Hey guys new rider from geelong. I own a 2014 ninja 300 and have done about 2200km in 2 months! I absoloutly love riding if anybody is around in geelong send me a message im always up for a ride.

  2. Hi. Welcome to NR.
    Jump on over to the welcome lounge where you should find some Geelong locals as well as plenty of support.
    Again welcome and stay upright.
  3. Howdy & Welcome to NR!
  4. welcome aboard :)
  5. G'day and welcome to Netrider, DantomDantom. Congratulations getting your licence and Ninja!
  6. welcome to the forum.
  7. Welcome to NR..
  8. Welcome Dantom,
    Well done getting your license and bike. Can't wait to get mine now..... 3 days but who's counting!
  9. Hey thanks guys! Look forward to learning some new strings. Good luck maddog hope you pass
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