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New Gears Resolution

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by dan, Aug 1, 2005.

  1. Some of the old gear is getting a bit tatty, and I've decided to start saving up for some new kit as a Christmas present to myself.

    Here's what I'm considering:

    Super Ego Jacket (removable leather chest panel for hot weather riding)
    Speedmaster pants
    Speedmaster boots
    Speemaster gloves

    Anyone got any opinions on Joe Rocket gear?
  2. Not worn any myself, how does the cost compare with Tiger angels (made to measure here in 'Straya)?
  3. For me, I generally start with the jacket I like and build the suit up from there (wouldn't use a 1 piecer too often). If the jacket has the features I want, I'll match the other gear. In this case, I like the idea of being able to get rid of the leather chest panel and go with a mesh deal, could be a life saver on those summer stinkers.
  4. Only mentioned them 'cause very happy with mine.

    My tiger angels are a two piece zip-together arrangement. They can be made with ventilated leather if that is your preference in a fitting from tight (little more than undies wearable underneath) to easy (to acommodate extra layers - shirt and sweater etc).

    They have stretch panels in all the right places, removeable high-density foam 'armour' pieces in the shoulders, forearms hips and knees/shins and can be made in a colour scheme as conservative or radical as you like.
  5. I enjoy the use of Tigerangels, but have recently been introduced to Sue Quinn of Quinn leathers around Richmond NSW. She tailor makes leathers too. 8)
  6. There is a bloke in NSW who makes leathers by the name of DBT Leathers.
    My wife has a set of pants and they were custom built for her ages ago. Really well made and a good price to boot.
    They do all sorts of suits 1 and 2 piece plus custom work.
  7. Not to mention Underdog Leathers (www.underdogleathers.com). Also locally based, offering custom made 2-piece suits from just under $800. Got one coming in a week or two - I'll let you know what they're like!
  8. Too good to miss

    Dan, old mate, you left the door wide open and you must have known that someone was going to come through it; SUPER-EGO jacket!!!!!????
    {just kidding pal!}
  9. DBT LEathers

    made originally by Doug Tyreman, old time speedway racer
    GOOD gear
    Here's their details

    Dbt Leathers

    444 Hume Highway
    Yagoona NSW 2199
    ph: 02 97901235
  10. Re: Too good to miss

    any superlative will do... ultra... mega... fragile...