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New Gear Today (Just waiting for the bike!)

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by dan_man_x, Jul 23, 2005.

  1. Well, I just got home from buying all the gear that I need for when I pick up my VN250 next weekend. For those that are looking for a good place to buy good quality gear, go to Cosway's in Elizabeth St, Melbourne. Leon is the man to speak to. He knows his stuff and his friendly and great service is worth a huge amount if you're a brand new rider like me! He doesn't carry any el cheapo gear as well like a lot of the other shops in Elizabeth St, so he's definitely worth checking out.

    Now, what did I decide on? Well... I got:

    Jacket: Underdog Leathers Flex Speed

    Helmet: HJC AC-11

    Gloves: Joe Rocket Nitrogen

    Boots: Oxtar TCS Sport

    Pants: Joe Rocket Ballistic

    I almost can't stand waiting for my bike so I can test out all this gear. I'll have to make do with looking good around the house!

    Oh, and I also got a Citadel lock thingy:

  2. Testing 123

    Hey Dan
    I hope you never have to TEST this great gear, but I'm glad you spent the money on it and didn't skimp, you won't regret it. Post a pic of the new steed (and your good self) in the Image Gallery section!
    PH 8)
  3. Good move Dan.
    Gather your armour, before you ride the beast. :wink: :LOL:
  4. Looks like you bought well. Congrats. Brand name stuff doesn't always equate to quality but it looks pretty good in this case.

    Cosways have been around for a long while. It was Gavin Cosway who built the motor in Andrew Johnson's Kawasaki superbike back in about 1979, so they have a good pedigree.

    Good to see a retailer getting a good wrap too. We often complain about poor service, but we should recognise good service and tell others about it. Thanks.
  5. Good choice of gear , and wear it at all times , including summer.