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New gear for new "L" rider

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by ResmeN, Jan 8, 2010.

  1. Hi Guys,

    Just went and put down a deposit on a near new 2nd hand Honda CB400 abs yesterday. Will be picking it up next weekend. I'll put details later in the relevant section.

    Now as far as gear goes I have got nothing whatsoever. I don't want to spend more then $1300.00 at this stage and need to get covered from head to toe.

    I am in the north west of Melbourne and would like to buy gear in the next week. Please advise where and what I should be getting. What is useful and what is useless when it comes to gear?

    Would appreciate all the feedback from the experienced riders and new riders who have passed the phase where I am currently at.

    I need:


    To start off with.

    Thanks in advance.

    A thread is useless without pics so here is a couple

    Attached Files:

  2. Nice bike. Kinda reminds me of...


    My advice is to take the time to go to a few dealers and see what sort of deal they will give you for the whole lot together. Discounts are always available, of course, but you stand a great chance of doing a really good deal if you tell the guy you'll be buying all your gear from him, rather than shopping around and getting it in bits and pieces all over the place.

    BTW, don't forget to budget for a back protector as well as part of the necessary gear.
  3. try the peter stevens clearance centre in a'beckett st in the city. should be able to get fully kitted out there in quality gear for under $1300. I've found the salesmen to be OK there and they don't just try and sell you the most expensive stuff as they do in the main store.
    they also know what is good value amongst what is there. try and go during the week when its not too busy. with luck you'll get a decent two piece suit, gloves, boots and a helmet.

    edit before Xmas he tried to sell me alpinestar hybrid leather/textile jacket with a proper back protector built in for around $300. might have some left.
  4. Thanks for the advice guys. I'll pop in to my local amx tomorrow and sus it out. Will also swing by the ps clearance store sometime next week.
  5. Spend more on the helmet and jacket. Gloves and pants wear out quicker and even though gloves are important, you will find that a good jacket and helmet are well worth the dosh.
  6. Yes and as below which they are making this year.

    Thanks for the advice MitchRohr
  7. So yesterday I went to AMX in Keilor and was walking around looking at products then one of the sales guys came up to me his name was Luke and said if I needed help and I said yes. Then I explained to him that I'm looking at getting decked out from head to toe and if so can you look after me and he said yes. At this time I was a bit tired and sunburnt due to working on my garden all weekend and so we began choosing the gear.

    In order got:

    DriRider waterproof jacket black don't know exact which model but was $270 has an extra waterproof layer and a further thermal layer inside
    Draggin jeans black for $199 tried on xtreme jeans in black though more comfortable compared to the draggins it didn't feel like it offered as much protection as the draggins
    HJC Helmet don't know exact model but the guy said it just came out and it has a cool flip down inner sun visor which means I don't need to wear sunnies or get a tinted visor for $370 I thought I had a XL head but got a M and it fits perfect. There was also a nice RJays helmet without the flip down inner sun visor but M was too tight and L was too big.
    DriRider summer gloves with the hard knuckle etc for $69
    Diadora waterproof boots black for $169 were very comfortable to wear and walk in compared to the narrow DriRiders they had in stock

    All up cost close to $1100 and he rounded it to $1000 flat. he also threw in a pair of socks ($30) and a small bottle of fog off ($5). I should have got him to chuck in a can of lube but ah well forgot about it.

    All in all it was a wonderful shopping experience and would highly recommend AMX for new riders and people who don't want to fork out an arm and a leg on gear etc. Staff were very helpful and patient and took time to answer all my queries and questions. I was also very thirsty at the time due to the gardening and after asking one of the staff went in to the kitchen twice and brought me water to drink.

    In the past few weeks when I went to PS in the city to check out gear like others have mentioned they straight away take you to where the most expensive stuff is and seem to only care about their own interests rather than the customers. Dealing with suburban shops I think is a more friendly and relaxed way of doing things.

    Wow that took a while. All that's left now is for me to pick up the bike on the weekend. I'll pick up my brother to get the bike and he can ride back to my place and I can then slowly start riding in the neighbourhood to build my confidence up.
  8. Sounds like you did okay. I would suggest adding in knee gaurds and a back protector when you can, but otherwise sounds like you've got most bases covered.

    Take it easy when you start out (the stage I am in now).

    Did my longest ride ever this morning, just under 100kms...

  9. Thanks. The Xtreme jeans I tried on had knee guard foam inserts in them but they sat below my knee joint so it wasn't that comfortable. I might look at getting a 3rd party strap on one that I actually strap on my bare knee rather then putting it in the insert of the panths.

    The jacket came with a back protector but I hear you and will look at my options.

    Wow sounds nice. How did you go on your ride?
  10. Not to de-rail your thread too much but went up through Doncaster, Warburton, followed the back blocks to Lilydale then Chirnside park, had a bottle of water then back much the same way...

    I know the roads though there fairly well, and there is plenty of variety for practice and it's fairly quiet in the mornings.
  11. Sounds good my friend and I'm sure I'll be doing similar routes in the near future.
  12. Sounds like you did quite well for yourself. Nice bike, too - Dad has one and it's a nice ride :)
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  14. Good move on the Sidi boots.

    The bit of foam in the back that is in most textile-type jackets can't be counted upon to do too much to protect your back from an impact. It is up to you of course but I recommend getting a dedicated back protector. There was a very good one in terms of it's energy absorption (I can't remember the name - haven't heard of it before) mentioned in a thread a couple of weeks ago in the bike gear section.

    The strap on knee armour will save your skin/knees from both impact and abrasion in an off. Even though Draggin are about the best riding jeans you can buy, you have no impact protection with them. A thread was started about 1 week ago regarding knee armour. I think the OP bought the Draggin knee armour. It looked ok to me. I had Axo TMKP articulated knee armour and recommend it because it saved my knees in an off I had.
  15. Let me get up and running and one of the first things I'll then be doing is getting a decent back protector to replace the current foam one in the jacket and also getting some sort of proper knee armour.
  16. Did a lengthy ride myself yesterday in suburbia and was very happy. I was extremely happy with the choice of gear. The only thing that took me a while was the gear changing with the boots. They are made of a hard material with not much initial give though that was only for the first few hours and it only got better after that.

    The only negative as far as the gear was from my gloves. Everytime I took the left glove off the most of my palm and fingers would be covered in blue ink/leather marks and is hard to wash off. The right gloves knuckle protectors would jab in my hand and hurt while riding.

    On Monday I'll shoot an email off to dririder and explain them the situation and see what they say.