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New game with cool m/bike graphic

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by undii, Apr 13, 2005.

  1. but do you get to ride the bike???

    i still reckon the graphics in motoGP 2 were about the best i've seen of a bike. i wanna go play my xbox now :? i hate work :evil:
  2. There are heaps of bike screenshots in it. I'd say so. Just checking up to make 100% certain now
  3. ooooeeeee then i say :D

    motoGP is great fun but i'd love something more like burnout. totally unrealistic is fine by me, maybe they should re-make that game road rash, that was serious fun in its day :twisted:
  4. Looks good. Heres a list of vehicles you can drive/ride

    Vehicle List

    Aprilla Mille Factory (Sport Bike)
    Cadillac (GM) 16 (Concept)
    Cadillac (GM) Cien (Concept)
    Cadillac (GM) CTS-V / 2004 (Luxury Sedan)
    Cadillac (GM) Escalade (SUV/Truck)
    Cadillac (GM) Escalade EXT (SUV/Truck)
    Chevy (GM) 1981 Camaro Z28 (Classic/Muscle)
    Chevy (GM) 1968 Corvette (Classic/Muscle)
    Chevy (GM) 1969 Camaro (Classic/Muscle)
    Chevy (GM) 1957 Chevy Bel Air (Classic/Muscle)
    Chevy (GM) 1964 Chevy Impala (Classic/Muscle)
    Chevy (GM) 1978 Monte Carlo (Classic/Muscle)
    Chevy (GM) 1949 Fleetline (Classic/Muscle)
    Chevy (GM) 1970 El Camino SS (Classic/Muscle)
    Chevy (GM) Corvette Z06 (High End Culture)
    Chevy (GM) 1996 Impala SS (Specialty)
    Chevy (GM) Chevy Silverado SST (SUV/Truck)
    Chrysler ME Four-Twelve Concept
    Chrysler 300c (Luxury Sedan)
    Dodge 1969 Charger RT-SE 440 (Classic/Muscle)
    Dodge Dodge Charger RT-SE 440 (Concept)
    Dodge Neon SRT 4 (Culture)
    Dodge Viper GTS/R (High End Culture)
    Dodge Ram SRT 10 (SUV/Truck)
    Ducati Monster SR4 (Sport Bike)
    Ducati 999R (Sport Bike)
    Ducati SS1000 (Sport Bike)
    Gemballa Twin Turbo (High End Culture)
    GM H2 (SUV/Truck)
    GM H1 (SUV/Truck)
    Hotmatch D'elegance (Chopper)
    Hotmatch Cuevito (Chopper)
    Hotmatch Skully (Chopper)
    Lexus IS300 (Culture)
    Kawasaki Police 1000 (Specialty)
    Kawasaki Ninja ZX 12R (Sport Bike)
    Lamborghini Gallardo (High End Culture)
    Lamborghini Murcielago (High End Culture)
    Lotus Elise (Culture)
    Lotus Esprit (High End Culture)
    Mercedes SLR Vision (High End Culture)
    Mercedes SL500 (High End Culture)
    Mercedes CL500 (Luxury Sedan)
    Mercedes G55 AMG / G500 (SUV/Truck)
    Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution (Culture)
    Mitsubishi Eclipse (Culture)
    Nissan 350Z (Culture)
    Nissan Skyline (Culture)
    Pontiac (GM) 1970 GTO (Classic/Muscle)
    Pontiac (GM) 1968 GTO (Classic/Muscle)
    Saleen S7 (High End Culture)
    Saleen SR (High End Culture)
    Volkswagon Jetta (Culture)
    Volkswagon Golf R32 (Culture)
    Volkswagon Phaeton (Luxury Sedan)
    West Coast Choppers El Diablo (Soft Tail Chopper)
    West Coast Choppers El Diablo (Rigid Chopper)
    West Coast Choppers CFL (Chopper)

    Theres a few bikes in the list :D
  5. I know in Midnight Club 2 you most definitely can get the motorbikes; but afaik they were just some generic mockup of a sportsbike and nothing specific. The handling characteristics of them were also pretty shonky, but i guess it was just an arcadey street racing game.

    Just for the mindless entertainment value, i'll be sure to keep an eye out for MC3 if/when it comes out.

    edit: Holy moly, those screenies from MotoGP3 look freakin awesome!
  6. WOW.. Moto GP3 looks like it's going to be good.. Might have a look for motogp2 today when I get time
  7. Yep MotoGP 3 looks like the go, can't wait for the XBOX version so I can go kick some ass ;)
  8. Damn those graphics are high profile, xbox seems to be running the stakes higher and higher with each of their new released games they are bringing out.
    p/s thanks for the links, i couldn't stop drooling...
  9. Yeah this game is definitely a bit of a larf, what do you expect it's from Rockstar Games... The bikes in it are pretty cool, but the handling characteristics are fake for sure. I got it yesterday and have been playing it on and off since, NFS2 is more realistic but definitely not as fun.
  10. Just been playing MotoGP3 (playable demo) on xbox. DAMN SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET!!

    Now I'll be riding mbikes both on the road and at home! yay :)