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New FZ8

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Farab, Jan 28, 2010.

  1. First official picture:


    There will be half-faired model as well... it could be just the bike for me.
  2. oooh as much as most yammies put me to sleep bar the fz1n and mt01. I like that, looks like good competition for the z750.

    thought when i was on my gutless fazer 600. i never remember thinking i wish i had 200cc more... I was always thinking i wish i had 6-800cc more.

    FZ12n of FZ14n.... Build it yamaha!
  3. I think they're still doing an FZ1, but no more FZ6 because they have the XJ6 to satisfy the smaller capacity market.

    Could very well be wrong, of course...
  4. I'm pretty sure you're right and it was confirmed officially: FZ1 will still be around, but FZ6 will be replaced by two bikes in their lineup: XJ6 is meant for the commuter/new rider end of the scale, and FZ8 as the more upmarket. more performance model... FZ6 tried to be both at the same time and that just didn't work.
  5. New FZ1 due out in a few months, with the R1 crossplane crank motor. Modified, of course.
  6. Didn't think they were doing the big bang in the FZ1. That's good news. Could be a fun bike...
  7. Just as long as they don't put it in FZ8 - I think an average road rider needs crossplane crank like a fish needs a bicycle. I have no doubt the only effect I would notice would be more vibration, which is exactly what I don't want.
  8. More vibration?

    Man, ever ridden a big bore trailey?
  9. I know I ride a Honda, but that's a nice bike :).
  10. Personally, I'm thinking very seriously about buying a FZ8S.


    Yamaha seem to have been rather conservative with the cowling design, making it look largely reminiscent of the FZ1S. Hopefully they've been more adventurous with the rest of the bike, dropped the Jekyll and Hyde characteristic of the FZ6, and made the engine pull from the word 'go'.

    I'm also hoping the release of the FZ6R overseas means Yamaha realises that some nobs like myself like a full fairing, and makes it available as an after-market accessory or part of a touring model, kind of like Suzuki has done with the Bandit 1250 as sold in NZ and the UK.

    If they stick a crossplane crankshaft in, the bike would be an awesome package, but I reckon they would reserve that drawcard for their litre-class bikes, and I'd rather they spend their efforts on keeping the wet weight at around 210-ish kgs.
  11. I know a lot of things shake more than your average inline4, but that's besides the point. I know not everyone is like that, but I really like smooth engine - I could almost welcome electric bikes for that reason alone.

    My real point though is that crossplane crank is a gimmick of no value to me so I much prefer if they leave it out and keep the price down. It might offer some benefit for people riding on the outer edge of performance, but I don't ride like that. Average road riders don't ride like that. And those that do shouldn't, because roads are not the environment for this sort of riding. So what would be the point of introducing it on FZ8?
  12. My real point though is that crossplane crank is a gimmick of no value to me so I much prefer if they leave it out and keep the price down

    There's the rub, in many things on bikes, and other areas; if you can't FEEL or measure, preferably by the seat of your pants, then, please, leave it off and give me the bike (or car, or computer or TV or phone......) at a lower price.
  13. Linky?
  14. Correct me if I'm wrong but doesn't the new engine increase torque and tractable power at lower rpm? So it'd be... better on the street?
  15. Crossplane sounds awesome too. Check out the 2009 R1 Akra clips on youtube.
  16. Yeah, I heard one in town the other day. Was the white/red model which I've never looked at twice. He gave it a squirt and... phoar... I want one!
  17. Crossplane crank doesn't do either of these things. So it'd be... completely indifferent on the street.
  18. The sound and feel is different, which is to some people's liking. I'm not sure they'd be in rush to do it on the 800 when they're going for a price point. Then there's the lesser power than the 1000, so the better traction of the staggered firing order is probably of less benefit on the street. The FZ1 arguably has enough go up top with a fairly good hit to catch some riders out.
  19. oooooo nice, not a big fan of naked but thats nice, id own 1