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New fully-faired 400cc Diesel Honda

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by jd, Jul 17, 2012.

  1. If you're one of those people hoping for a resurrection of the old CBR250/400RR rnage then sorry to disappoint. Seems the closest you'll get to that is a new P2 400 based on the current 250 (see the "will they ever make awesome small bikes" thread for that one).

    Did however come across something which is in many ways a lot more interesting, a planned 400cc diesel being designed for the Indian market.
    30hp and the weight of an oil burner isn't great for outright performance, but the torque and fuel range seems ideal for a cheap commuter or LAMS bike (estimated price is around $2,600 - so being Honda I'm guessing it'd be around $7-8,000 if it was ever sold here). Be interesting to see if this just the beginning of a whole new market of small diesels, and whether they could be as succesful as small diesel cars have been.

  2. Re: New fully-faired 400cc Honda

    Great range. Not pretty.
  3. Re: New fully-faired 400cc Honda

    They will have to install shower cubicles in service stations so you can clean up after every refill. Horrible stinking crap, ever seen a clean diesel pump? Then there's the problem of trying to pull your bike up in pool of diesel oil the last truck left behind. It's all too horrible to imagine. Leave it for the Indians.
  4. Re: New fully-faired 400cc Honda

    30km/litre? fark!!!

    I'd be tempted to get one for commuting on...

    then whack a towbar on it and tow my ninja down to broadford for track days MWAAHAAHAA
  5. Re: New fully-faired 400cc Honda

    i would love a diesel but i think it would be hard to do in aus
  6. Re: New fully-faired 400cc Honda

    Why do you say that? My wife's car is a diesel, as was the one before. Finding fuel is no problem, though if the bike wanted only premium diesel that might be a bit shit.

    Lots of servos at least around Melbourne have a diesel pump or two in with the standard petrol / gas pumps so you don't have to share the truckie's pump with the super fast flow and sea of slippery shit everywhere...

    not sure what the problem would be?
  7. Re: New fully-faired 400cc Honda

    If it's being designed for India I doubt premium diesel will be necessary.

    Personally I'd like to see a version that can run on vegetable oil, with the fuel tank doubling as a deep fryer :).
  8. Re: New fully-faired 400cc Honda

    Saving the planet while cooking your gonads. Nice.

    Though come to think of it, for many blokes, they amount to the same thing... one less in the gene pool 'n all ...

    EDIT: I was meaning gonad-cooking from the radiant heat, not that you teabag your own tank. We all know what happens on (& with) the bike stays on the bike...
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  9. Re: New fully-faired 400cc Honda

    With an air-cooled diesel that's probably ineviatable anyway. At the very least you should be able to enjoy a feed of fish and chips on the go.
  10. Re: New fully-faired 400cc Honda

    That's actually quite bad. Perhaps the performance is such as to compromise economy? A Royal Enfield Diesel gets at least 50km/L.

    And plenty of moderate to low performing petrol bikes get 25km/L. Including bigger, nice bikes such as my W650 when ridden gently.
  11. Re: New fully-faired 400cc Honda

    pretty sure vegetable oil is much more expensive than diesel fuel :p...though the smell will be much more pleasant.

    Running it off BioDiesel on the other hand might be a good compromise. Can make your own BioDiesel at home.
  12. Re: New fully-faired 400cc Honda

    servicing them there a lot of diesel mechanics and a lot of bike mechanics but not very many do both
  13. Re: New fully-faired 400cc Honda

    you can make your own petrol at home 2 just don't get caught doing it
  14. Re: New fully-faired 400cc Honda

    THe new NC700s gets 30kml and makes twice the power.

    And is actually here
  15. Re: New fully-faired 400cc Honda

    That's weird. I thought the "Hero Honda" partnership had dissolved. Now it's just Hero Motor Corp, with an ongoing hand-me-down technology contract with Honda. I believe this is until 2016, after which, it's Hero all on their own. Seems rather 'hoaxsy', given the image.
  16. Re: New fully-faired 400cc Honda

    Actually around half the price if you buy it by the 1,000L bulky.
  17. Re: New fully-faired 400cc Honda

    as the owner of a 400 cc fully faired honda from the glory days, i hate you for your thread title.
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  19. Re: New fully-faired 400cc Honda

    hmmm a tonne of oil...many uses. Potentially can produce many many spring rolls...
  20. Re: New fully-faired 400cc Honda

    :rofl: The thread title got me excited too!

    It might make sense in India or China but I doubt it'll come to Aus. Even for a commuter it looks horrible, to put it kindly.

    30km per L isn't that great. Mercedes just brought out a new A-class that does 4.3-4.5 L/100km. I know apples and oranges..