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New full front & back kevlar lined jeans - do you like?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by asd-matt, Jul 8, 2011.

  1. Hello Netriders,

    ive been working on our kevlar jean design for the past 3 years and im happy to introduce the version. What do you think of the colour and wash effect?

    We wanted the pants to have full protection, fit comfortable on & off the bike with no restrictions/pinching/itching & look like normal fashion jeans.

    -They are lined front and back waist to ankle (denim fits looser than leather so you need abrasion protection behind the knee area)
    -We use 400gsm knitted dupont kevlar, (its a little heavier/bulkier & costs us double, but the protection it offers is worth it). 500gsm is available.
    -Double inside safety seam stitch on kevlar, if the denim seam fails the kevlar will still be held together.
    - armour pocket with multiple velcro levels so the knee can work for 165cm to 185cm tall customers. (short guys will just need to hem the denim)


    your welcome to like us for updates
  2. G'day mate, I see your the bloke from Finn Moto, you are encouraged to sign up to the vendors section (for free) and display your netrider specials there, cheers bud
  3. Hi Goz, thanks for the tip ill email mouth about the vendor spot. These arn't for sale yet. I was hoping to receive some honest thoughts about the colour and wash look to see if you guys like it or not. The more opinions the better :)
  4. I like them Matt, and I’d be happy to wear them out and about as a pair of “fashion” jeans.
    Then again, according to my daughters, I have absolutely no sense for fashion, so you could probably take my comments with a grain of salt :D
  5. i'll reserve judgement til i see real-world ass skidding down blacktop product testing...
    but on looks alone... well they look like normal jeans, there's really nothing else to say there
  6. These look pretty good Matt, the colour and wash effect look great. I'm one for a relaxed fit but these seem a tiny bit too baggy.
  7. I like the look of them and would definitely check them out if I saw them in a shop. I like the fact there are not massively apparent knee seams.
  8. Don't really fancy the wash effect, they look awesome apart from that. If you make them in plain black I'd definitely buy a pair of 500gsm if they were reasonably priced.
  9. They look ok but not a fan of the baggy fit. And would have liked to have seen the top of the jeans without the belt and not covered by the jacket.
  10. I like, I find it really REALLY hard to find baggier jeans in this day and age (not gangsta baggy, just with a bit more slack then these tight straight leg things with no genital room that everyone makes these days, so not comfortable), if you keep one cut in the range baggy and relaxed I would buy a few pairs.

    Colours and wash are cool, I would like to see a darker shade of blue with less wash too, would look shmick.
  11. I like the cut & colour of them... I personally like the baggier jeans, especially with my fat ass lol. They look like the sort of jeans I would buy for day to day use so yeah, I like them. Purely on asthetics though ofc.
  12. Ditto ^

    They look a bit like my regular jeans - or at least they way they end up, so I'd be looking for a pair.


  13. Thank you for your responses its exactly what i was hoping to see (mixture of demands). The jeans are a 36, suited for a 180cm tall person. im a 35 jean 175cm . I like the relaxed/boot cut style aswell. Everyone has different body shapes and taste so its a good sign we are seeing a 50/50 response.

    The first batch will be as shown. We can then get into darker indigo blue straight leg, black straight, black cargo. I can start developing these once we have the first batch in.

    Here is the picture without jacket (the natural light and camera has made it a lighter looking)
    Few tweaks done:
    fly button moved across more so it sits where it should
  14. Freeform - im with you on this one. if possible could you please email me a picture of the darker shade / less wash you had in mind. sales@finnmoto.com.au
    Kernal - if you can email a picture of your black denims? (there are so many variations)
  15. just a question regarding fit
    when you're sliding down the cheese-grater, how would these fair in regards to kevlar burn from twisting/tightening as you slide??
    (not trying to cut you down here, i prefer relaxed fit too)
  16. hi theforgotten, your more than welcome to address concerns/issues.
    The jeans are lined with airmax mesh lining so the kevlar isn't irritating.
    In the pictures i dont have the knee armour in, the knee's fill out a bit with it in so it shouldn't twist too much, if it does end up twisting your skin will be safe because the kevlar is full front and back lined.
    With the airmax mesh lining it slides smoothly against the skin, which should reduce slide burn. Saying that i havn't done a kamikaze off the bike, i will be selling these to downhill/luge skaterboarders, there crash/falloff rate is alot higher and we will get some performance feedback off them.

  17. I like baggy jeans but prefer a lighter colour denim myself, they still look alright though. Do you have any pics of the lining at all?.
  18. Can I also ask, something I had forgotten... My current jeans are fully kevlar lined front and back. Have you been able to address the heat issue during the summer?

    As mine get really stinking hot and as such need to be washed and dried pretty much after every run. Im not a fan of sharing such info as I'm sure you lot probably didn't want to read it lol
  19. The kevlar is knitted so air can flow through them better than woven/fleece type kevlar. But i think the summer heat will still be quite warm. For really hot humid days id recommend wearing mesh cordura pants, hot days perforated leather pants.

    I wont know till summer for the heavier weight kevlar.
    ill hold off sending an inside front & back photo till we have a batch ready to sell.

  20. I like the look of these, I like how they are a bit longer in the leg so that whilst in the riding position the jeans don't ride up exposing your ankles.