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New front Tyre!

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by Night_Stalker, Aug 9, 2006.

  1. Hey all.

    So I need a new front tyre for the GPX. I was wondering where to get one from in Sydney?

    I called Bob Jane Taren point and they said they don't do it and none of the bob Jane chain stores do. So just asking for recommendations on where to look.

    Thanks in advance
  2. Procycles in Hornsby sells them. Well actually it;s changed hands recently and I know they did sell them but last time I wandered around the Triumphs ,Suzis and KTMs I didn;t go out the back which is where they used to have them.
  3. Bike shop for bike tyres.

    The big shops are all a ripoff for fitting, like $40 a tyre :shock:

    Small shops are better. GPX tyre isnt that common and often has to be ordered, but they have it the next day or two so just book it in.

    Which part of Sydney? If you want us to point you to a specific shop near you.

    Edit: I see you called Tarren point so must be in the area, Sydney City will definatly do them (but charge $40 fitting), Caringbah Motorcycles should, they are nice to deal with and will order one in.
  4. Since you called Taren Point BJ, I assume you're in the Shire somewhere? Try the big shops along the highway, at Kogarah and Blakehurst (don't know their names but they're on the eastern side of the road)

    Or, try Steve Wyers at Caringbah Motorcycles, just past the Taren Point/Captain Cook Drive intersection on Captain Cook Drive as you head towards Cronulla...... Steve's a good operator.
  5. Check Skidz :) out in Leichhardt 02 9518 1998, this is in leichhardt not Petersham where the Yellow pages try to send you. :evil:
  6. Beat you Hornet :wink:
  7. lol

    Yeah, I'm just north of the shire proper. I'll call Caringbah and see what they've got on offer. Thanks for the help guys. I have no idea what it'll cost me. I suppose I'll just have to check it out and see.

    Once again thanks.
  8. Only by some sneaky editing :wink: :LOL:
  9. Used to cost me $130 + $20 fitting for a BT-45 front on the ZZR250
  10. My edit was entered before your post :p
    So I win.
  11. Get a room you two :p
  12. I rang my local (Kelen Kawasaki) in Penrith today and they were very helpful with tyre prices. I was quoted at 162 for a rear and 120 for a front and fitting was free I just drop off the wheels.
    This is for a ZXR600A though...
    Quite nice blokes too I rang for a chat about my bike I just bought and servicing/overhauling the carbies and they were more than helpful.
    Smaller bike shops fall into one of two categories- rude kents who can't be bothered or charge an arm and a leg, or top blokes that go the extra mile and do it with a smile...
  13. Tyres prices should be fairly standard (rrps issued by the distributor) but fitting costs will vary- esp if they have to remove the wheels. Sydney City MC at Kogarah are a Kwak dealer and thus will have tyres in stock- and they have Scotts MC nearby to keep prices under control through local competition.

    Bear in mind there are likely to be cheap tyres with Chinese names- Maxxis, Cheng Shin, Shinko- which may be cheaper than branded tyres like Dunlop. But they are almost as good because the branded tyres are made in third world countries as well.

    Make sure you are comparing like with like- 2 tyres may be the same size but have different speed ratings and thus different strength/construction. Also, don't let them fit the wrong sized tyre because it happens to be on the shelf.

    From memory the GPX has a slightly odd tyre size up front... but there are so many GPXs that any good shop should have a tyre.

    Finally, be careful on your new tyre: they are slippery for a little while... but if you exercise a bit of caution for the first 50km you'll be fine.