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new front tyre for FZR250

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by ruffy79, Jun 18, 2006.

  1. Hey guys,

    I need to get a new front tyre for a Kawasaki FZR250.
    I live in St Kilda and work in Melbourne CBD
    Anyone have any suggestions recomendations and of what to get and WHERE to get it from?
    How much would I expect to pay?

    Thanks guys :)
  2. Hey ruffy,

    My suggestion would be Pirelli Demons. They aren't the most expensive of tyres and are good in both wet and dry. I got mine (for a Spada) though my mechanic (Mike of Moorabbin Perfomance Bike and Watercraft)

    Previously I had Dunlop Arrowmax and the Demons were awesome by comparison. They made a huge difference to bikes roadholding ability.
  3. I just got me some BT45 Battleaxe's - I'm not sure if they come in the right size to suit the FZR. I'm having fun testing the limits of adhesion round the round-a-bouts and so far haven't been let down. What little wet weather there has been in the past month they have done fine in. You should be able to get these through any bike shop - mine was from City West in Hoppers.

    I might check out the Pirelli Demons as per templemonkey's suggestion next time.
  4. how much would I expect to pay?
    anyone know where I can buy a tyre from in melbourne CBD or near by...?
  5. Prolly about $120 for a front, allow $30 for fitting. I would guess you could walk up Elizabeth street and fall over twenty three shops that will sell you one. I know there is the Kwaka dealer up top opposite peter stevens.
  6. So you can tell the right sizes to the shop, is it a Kwaka ZZR or a Yammy FZR?
  7. Front tyre for both Yammy FZR and Kawasaki ZZR should be $100-110 fitted. More than that and your paying for the privelage of having it done then and there while you wait.
  8. Diablo Strada .. if their made in your bike's size?
    Bob Jane T-Marts m/cycle - Elizabeth St City, nth end on the big roundabout. They are a Netrider discount partner, and give discounts on presentation of your m/ship card