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New from Western Sydney

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Krazy Kiwi, Jul 23, 2015.

  1. Hi! I've just joined this forum (I came across it by accident, but it was a good accident!)

    I've had my learners bike licence for a few weeks! I did the stand upright course in a Honda 125cc bike and after obtaining my L's, I had six hours worth of lessons (also in a Honda 125cc).

    I had intended on buying a second hand 500 cc bike, but after sitting on a Suzuki 500 cc bike I changed my mind as I was too short for it. I'm about 5 foot 2 inches. I sat on a 250 cc Suzuki and was too short for that too lol.

    Anyway, I was almost okay on a Honda CBR300 and the dealer said they could lower that for me. But I decided that I wanted to at least test ride one other brand of bike before committing my cash to one! So I went and test ride a Yamaha YZF-3R. The Yamaha shop had one that was slightly lowered (which they didn't plan on charging extra for, unlike Honda!) I felt more comfortable sitting on and riding the Yamaha over the Honda so have decided to buy the Yamaha. I'll be picking it up tomorrow!

    Me getting my bike license is my response to my partner suggesting I buy a car (so that we had a car each instead of both of us using just his car). As we have only a single garage, I didn't want to buy a car and park it on the street, whereas I can keep a bike on the property!
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  2. Welcome to NR..

    Is Yamaha..Is good. ;)
  3. I am enjoying the Yamaha! I just need to practice and get some confidence riding!
  4. Welcome matey, where abouts in western syd are you? maybe one of the mentors here could give you some pointers or even other riders :)
  5. I'm in Cambridge Park (which is just outside of Penrith) ... I do enjoy riding the bike but my confidence varies! I realise this is a matter of practise and time though! :)
  6. ahhhh nice, im usually out that way putt-ing around. my advice is start small, quiet streets and dont think about main roads until your 100% sure on your ability to ride, if you ride in traffic without the confidence and something happens it can mentally put you off riding. OH and practice your emergancy stops! Trust me, youll thank your stars when you come across the day you need to stop fast. Its usually better stopping ON the bike, rather then NEXT to it.
  7. Welcome to NetRider. Nice to see someone who lives nearby, I'm in Penrith myself :)
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  8. Yes I'm avoiding peak hour traffic at the moment, especially on the busy roads! Oh, and I'm avoiding the wet weather too lol! I definitely hear you about stopping ON the bike! (Especially given how heavy my bike is compared to me!!) The back brake on the Yamaha feels slightly different to the Honda CBR125 that I learnt on (but that could just be me!) I do love the bike though!

    There's been a huge difference in the insurance quotes I've gotten too!
  9. I've lived in Cambridge Park for close to 3.5 years, been in Australia for almost 8 years (as my nickname suggests, I'm originally from New Zealand!) I like Penrith!
  10. welcome aboard
  11. Thank you Jeffco! :)
  12. ahh ok nice, just practice practice practice, its the best thing you can do :)

    The back brake will feel different. My 450 husky feels completely different to my mates 450 yamaha, so its something to get used to, but you'll be fine. :)
  13. I did a Google Image Search for "westie alert" and all I got was a screen full of these things:


    ... it'll have to do, I suppose.

    Welcome aboard!
  14. lol thanks! :)
  15. Welcome to NR, I have heard good things about the 3R!
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  16. I'm enjoying it! Mind you, the only thing I have to compare it to is the Honda CBR125. I felt more comfortable sitting on the R3 than I did when I sat on the CBR300 but got to test ride the R3.

    I've just been looking at 'available dates' and times for when I can do the P test (as I've heard you need to book it well in advance!) but can't find any available dates or times on the RMS website, which is a bit annoying!
  17. ok...I Know the feeling... I cldnt wait to do my P's then when I got them ... I cldnt wait to get my full license which I now have ...finally!
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  18. The only advantage I have is being over 25 yrs old, so I can go straight from red P's to full license ... but that still requires being able to book the red P's in lol ... I'll go visit my local RMS office tomorrow and say "hey there aren't any available dates/times listed online, help!"
  19. that's prob your best bet ...go in and see them. Is that your bike on your profile pic?
  20. I joined this group before I got to pick up my bike so used an internet photo of it for my profile picture. Here's a photo of mine along with my helmet.

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