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New from WA

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Graelin, Mar 6, 2014.

  1. Hi, been riding for a few years and still enjoying it. Like country rides, getting out there away from the city. Blame it all on the BSA Bantam first bike so that shows my age! Enjoy the Black Dog Rides and did the Red Centre Ride 2013.

  2. Welcome Graelin, Hope you are doing the Melbourne Black Dog ride, organised by one of our own Netrider guys. There is a thread in Vic Announcements. Also this Sunday we are having a ride to the Daylesford Chocolate Mill which is a bit of a pre Black Dog fund raiser to get money to hire the hall for the BDR.
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  3. Thanks Chris, I am in WA and I am the club and dealer Liaison officer for Black Dog Ride. I am also coordinating the Avon Valley Black Dog 1 Day ride on 23 March. Love chocolate so good on you for helping out with this great cause. I will ride around Australia with B D R this year. Thank your friend for being a ride coordinator. This is my first time as coordinator and keeps me very busy.
  4. Welcome :)
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  5. Ah sorry I misunderstood your thread and thought you had moved here (Vic) from WA. Good on you for the BDR work, it has become somewhat of a favourite charity here. Many fellow riders seem to suffer and use riding as part of their coping strategy when the Black Dog bites. A very worthwhile cause.
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  6. Welcome, The mighty Bantam was my first bike also, I often passed Noah herding animals toward the Arc.....
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