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New from Sydney

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Krusty73, Dec 4, 2014.

  1. Hi all been looking round here long enough time I joined in.

    I ride an xvs650 Yamaha 2012 model on my learners right now but have rode a lot before overseas and am having to whole licence again....

    From West Ryde in Sydney and would love to meet others in the area for rides, I'm not into going a million miles an hour happy to just cruise.

    Anyway hi to ev1 and look forward to catching up sometime
  2. Welcome to Netrider

    Did you bring any Krusty Burgers with you?
  3. Hey hornet no unfortunately I did not lol.
    My ever expanding waist has rained that in!
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  4. Welcome, Krusty.
    There's plenty of rides in the events section, there's one coming up soon that you're welcome to join.

    Nice ride too.
  5. Welcome Krusty,
    You picked a nice bike, enjoy the ride.
  6. Welcome krusty and yes we can ride as a group. I Live in five dock so we can meet up with anyone else on this forum also that is from Sydney and have a blast
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    Hey Womble thanks, I'll keep an eye out for the rides

    Cheers Pod definitely am enjoying being back in the saddle, reckon I picked a good bike too thanks
  8. Hey s1000 I'd look forward to going for a ride sometime looks like I'm just up the road from you.
    I've got weekends free let me know if you have some spare time soon to catch up and tear up some asphalt
  9. Hi Kristy,

    I will let you know. Maybe next weekend will be fine but will keep posted.

    Yes, then we can have fun with tearing up the tarmac
  10. Welcome krusty from another noob who rides an xvs 650
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    Hey there best bike ever lol.

    Welcome back at ya
  12. Yeh they are a fun little machine
  13. untghitled.
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  14. Welcome Krusty, very cool ride :)
  15. Thanks looks like a great site with a lot of friendly riders. Look forward to being part of the community
  16. Thanks, yeah love my new bike im on it all the time can't get enough of it lol.
  17. Welcome to the forum mate!
  18. Welcome to NR...