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New from Sydney (north shore)

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by ziggyboy, Oct 29, 2005.

  1. I'm Carlo, 24, from Artarmon and just recently got my L's after doing the pre-learner's at HART. I already put a deposit on a 98 Across with 28k on the clock yesterday from a bike accessory shop (not a dealer) who sells other people's bikes for a comission. Bike will get delivered sometime at the end of next week after everything else is cleared cuz it's currently under finance. Gave REVS a call and everything's getting sorted out the right way... Can't wait to ride.

    Any other riders on their L's or P's in the north shore? Would love to do weekends or late nighters... Btw, would you guys suggest learners riding at night? I'm thinkin...less cars..less trouble...

    Cheers. 8)

  2. Welcome to the Netrider forum, ziggy!!
    There's quite a few active Sydney riders who'd be good to contact with regards to rides.
    As far as riding at night is concerned, you're going to have to do it eventually, but I'd avoid it for the first few weeks, get your basic skills right first.
  3. Hi ziggyboy , welcome .
  4. hello.

    Welcome. I'm at Cammeray/Crows Nest. I started off riding at night all the time, but then, I pretty much also went out and started riding in Sydney peak hour traffic. I think it is much safer at night given the current situation with Sydney traffic.

    Anyway, I'm nearby, and there are others, so PM me if you want to go for a ride.

  5. Thank you for the warm welcome.

    Ye my thoughts exactly. Thanks for the invitation. I live in Pacific Highway so even just thinking about riding at dayime scares the living daylights out of me. 3 lanes with most going 60kph + GST (as my pre-learner's riding instructor put it) isn't very inviting at dayime. Just a question...

    At times I'm required to wear a suit to work. How do people go about changing/bringing clothes? Do you wear a suit under riding gear? Or keep/leave stuff like ties and leather shoes at work?
  6. Plenty of people ride to work and change at work. It's a pain, but necessary. As long as you have an understanding boss, and somewhere better than the men's toilet to change, you should be ok. The main difficulty is keeping a freshly-pressed shirt freshly pressed while packed in a ventura bag!!!
  7. Hi Carlo and welcome. Find a dry cleaner near your work and get your shirts done there, pick them up on Friday lunchtime and you are right for the next week. Or buy the non iron ones. Good luck with your riding.
  8. I will plan my uniform supply around driving the cage to work one day a week(on a wet day if possible when riding a bike in Sydney city peak hour is close to suicide). I carry a weeks worth of ironed shirts and pants in a suit carrier and deposit them in the change rooms. Then it is a matter of rolling the used items up into a ball at the end of the week and sling them into a ventura bag on the last day of the week ready for the wash. Works pretty well but it means driving once, maybe twice a week. Also depends on how safe your stuff is at work.

    As far as Sydney night riding goes, it would have to be the best time. Peak hour is murder(almost literally) anywhere within 30km of the city. If I want a casual, no stress ride I will wait until at least 8pm before venturing out.
  9. G'day ziggyboy. Nothing much to add to what's been written... only to add my welcome from another Sydney-sider. All the best for that first ride! I live on a main road as well and though my first ride scared me senseless, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger (or a better rider). ;)
  10. hi carlo, i'm also on my L's soon gonna go for P's test but been too busy.

    anyway i do all my riding at night. i'm up in newcastle mon-thurs so i ride after work usually every night. other days i'm in sydney where i got no bike :(

    what i found riding at night is to set your speed correctly. alotta roads i ride on are dark and i can't see the road clearly up ahead in which case i go slower. never ever ride in such a way where you can't see where you'll be in the next 5 seconds. for example taking a long turn in unlit street, your headlight does not turn the corner so you have to go real slow.......never assume the road will continue to turn in a predictable manner cause i've almost been caught out a few times with roadworks or parked cars around a turn.

    also worst thing at night is cars with highbeam on going in opposite direction! or 4WD headlights! they always blind me and i gotta slow down heaps.

    but night is great, less traffic!!

    safe riding bud!
  11. Thank you for your replies. Here's what happened just tonight...

    I live in a hilly suburb and I dropped my bike while going uphill. I realised I was in a higher gear, bike wouldn't climb up so I tried changing to a lower gear but stalled the engine in the process, lost control then bam. Fell to my left. My whole body was shaking as I was both terrified and embarrassed. The bike wouldn't start at first and I could smell petrol. It took me a while to start the bike again. What was going on? Is this something I should worry myself with?

    After that I went around a few more blocks to practice turning. I almost fell trying to make a U-turn in a no through road. The whole time going back home I was shaking, scared I would drop the bike again in front of so many people. I admit this has shaken my confidence to ride. I'll sleep over it...maybe I'll feel better tomorrow.
  12. Must confess I did a similar thing soon after getting my bike (though it involved getting neutral instead of 1st on a steep driveway and the bike rolling backwards). Petrol smell and difficult starting are to be expected, tipping a bike on it's side tends to flood it. Hope there's not too much damage to the bike - don't stress about it too much, these things happen. It's all a part of learning.
  13. Bummer, dude. Don't let it get to you too much. Notch it up to experience and get back out there. The sooner you get back on your bike the better, IMHO. Give us a yell if you want to ride with someone if you think it'll help.
  14. Hello all,

    Dont worry Ziggy.

    I rode to my friends place for the first time. I got there and with audience I dropped my bike. Left my foot under it too so it pulled me down. I got up dusted my self off, and angrily pulled the bike up as hard as I could. It dropped to the other side. So then i was doubly embarressed and agry. Managed to get the bike up get it on its stand and admire the scratches.

    I then knocked on my friends door and there was no one home. So with people mowing their lawns laughing I sat on the front porch and waited a bit. Friends return home and I tell them the story. They burst out laughing. Especially about the threw it on its other side bit. I get a free feed for my troubles and entertaining story and go home :)

    Stalling it every now and again..
  15. the petrol smell might have been a little coming back up top of engine or maybe due to flooding of bike? don't worry too much.....hopefully you're ok and not too much damage

    re: shirts....i ride to work in a suit and the shirt and they are fine when i arrive......just helmet and gloves so i guess you could call me a well dressed squid.....its a good point you've raised, i have never thought to do anything about it