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New from Shoalhaven

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Baza36, Sep 23, 2016.

  1. G,day fellas,and gals,back to bikes after fifty odd years,like starting all over. Electric start,gears on the left?,rear brake on the right?,no carby,and forks wrong way around.Shows my beginning doesn't it.All Brit bikes.
    Now riding a Suzuki TUX 250 and a Kawasaki W800 ,both retro style,look like a bike should.
    Riding these days reduced to around two hours total at a time,so get my kicks following those vids and pics of those out touring.

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  2. Welcome aboard :)
  3. Welcome mate :cool:
  4. Welcome mate. It's a pity the Brits weren't building to the quality of the W800 in the sixties and seventies, they might still be in business...
  5. You live in a great area, that Kawasaki W800 is a pretty cool machine, wouldn't mind one of those myself.
  6. Lovely area where you live....envy you !!! Do you fish?..hello and welcome
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  7. Welcome to the forum !
  8. Welcome to NR and Enjoy !
  9. gday Baza36Baza36 and welcome to NR and glad you are back on two wheels. try breaking your saddle time down into one hour lots but do three of them with a break between, you'll soon get your time up.
  10. Thanks all for the welcome fellas,much appreciated.
    If any of you get the chance to ride the Suzuki TU250X,do it and you'll be surprised at it's performance.Many dismiss it as a learner's bike,but many who own one are older experienced guys that have tried them all and are only too happy to settle on a 250.
    But I love my 800.

  11. Welcome to Netrider Baza36Baza36 - it's a great place.

    Yep, lots of fun to be had on 250's. Our most used bike is a Suzuki Burgman 250. It's a ball.
  12. Welcome back to riding and welcome to NR..