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New from Perth

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by s_vivo, Aug 14, 2016.

  1. Hi All,

    Just a quick note to say hi!

    I've recently passed my practical test after having my L's for 8 years...and I'm still trying to work out why it took me so long!

    I ended buying an MT-07 about a month prior to my test and that was all the encouragement I needed. Such a great fun bike(not that I had much to compare to).

    So still finding my feet and getting used to riding, doing all the good learner things like poor shifting, choppy throttle and the death grip but hopefully as time progresses these things will dissipate allowing me to enjoy it all the more!!

    A couple of quick questions before I head off and do some forum searches, has anyone tried the R6 throttle mod for the MT07? and any suggestions for track days to improve my skills?

    Cheers and look forward to contributing to the forum.

  2. welcome aboard :)
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  3. Welcome mate :cool:
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  4. Howdy and welcome to NR. :happy:
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  5. hi s_vivos_vivo and a formal gday and welcome to NR - I haven't done any track days but have recently done some rider training at SMSP and can thoroughly recommend it.
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  6. Welcome to the forum mate
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  7. Thanks for the welcome! So much info to get through on here, really great resource.
  8. Welcome s_vivos_vivo
    Good choice of bike! And why DID it take you so long!? Crazy! Lol should have been on the bike clocking up kms ;) never mind, better late than never ... You'll be hooked!
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  9. Welcome to NR. I am planning to be in Perth late September early October if I get there , lol :)
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  10. Welcome to NR
  11. Welcome to NR :).
    Don't worry about any modifications to the MT07 till you've learnt to ride the pants of her ok, they are quite a sweet little bike and well set up for beginners so don't go stuffing around with something that ain't broke :(.
    Do as much training / courses as you possibly can, ride days are good but some tracks won't allow L platers so check first, also check their gear requirements, some require full leathers others just good riding gear, ALL will require a separate back protector (this is a Motorcycling Australia rule), the one fitted into most jackets is fine for a small off on the road but useless at any sort of race track speeds.
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