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New from overseas

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by nemo, Sep 5, 2015.

  1. Hi all;
    I'm considering a contract that would keep me in Australia for six months to a year. I am looking at motorcycles (new and/or used) to get for the duration of my stay there, and I have some questions:

    1) What exactly defines a "learner bike"? Engine power, engine vs. mass, something else? What is the number? Is it the same for all federal units?

    2) I notice Australia seems to be one of the few countries where the engine power (in hp or kilowatts) is not advertised. Is this item stated in the motor vehicle registration slip, just like make/model, gross mass, colour and the like? If not, how can one find out what is the engine power of a bike sold in Australia, where internationally the bike is available in two different versions, for instance one with 35 and another with 45 kilowatts?

    3) What is generally required if a motorcycle purchased and registered in one State is sold privately in another?

    All answers and comments are much appreciated.

  2. The LAMS is based on power to weight. 660cc is the max in NSW.

    A roadworthy check is needed to register from one state to another.

    What state will you be living in?
  3. The various states and territories in Australia can have variations on their learner bike rules.

    AFAIK Road Vehicle Descriptor Online takes you to the definitive file of bikes which have, or could have, been imported to Australia.

    It gives the various optional power outputs, and their associated engine/frame numbers, where two or more versions were imported to Oz.

    BTW, this file is, by no means, a guarantee that you can actually find, buy, beg, borrow or steal, a motorcycle mentioned in the file.
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  4. Both NSW and WA. Depending on as yet unknown project scheduling details, I could be buying in one of those two, crossing the country, and selling in the other. I figure it would take something like three weeks to leisurely cross coast to coast on the south side (Nullarbour). What are the good months to do that? Is crossing on the North side on the bike even practical?

    Much obliged. This is exactly what I was after.
  5. LAMS is 150kW/tonne including 90kg rider.. or similar..
    each state should have a LAMS motorcycle list
    eg http://www.rms.nsw.gov.au/documents/roads/licence/approved-motorcycles-for-novice-riders.pdf

    if you have a full licence in the US, you can use it in Aus for up to 1 year, with one of those "international driving permit" thingies. (not even sure you actually need that, is it is more a translation thing). and if full US licence, no need to look at LAMS restrictions

  6. I do, and I was assuming the same. It's just that I was looking at a bike that is sold internationally in two versions, and in Australia (it appears) in LAMS version only. My specific question to Kawasaki Australia unfortunately went unanswered.

    Done that on 4 wheels, can't wait to do it on two :)
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    fair enough :)

    "The power output (kilowatts) is determined by dividing the tare weight of the motorcycle + 90kg (for rider and fuel). "

    some larger bikes naturally fall within that spec anyway

    to find power, download the Owners Manuals from here Kawasaki Motors Australia - Download Owners Manuals

    for example, for the Versys 650 ABS 2015 model, it says (page 21) OWNER'S MANUAL | INSPECTION SCREEN
    LAMS version is 39kw/57Nm, and normal is 51kw/64Nm