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New from Newcastle

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by DVL-ZX9, Aug 31, 2007.

  1. Hey just found this site as i am looking for people to go riding with.

    Ive been riding for 2 years now and am onto my third bike.

    First bike was the Suzuki GSX250F Across, great little bike and loved the storage compartment but wasnt fast enough.

    Currently being rebuilt.

    So i decided to upgrade while i was on my P's and got a brand new Hyosung GT650R, 2 months later i got it derestricted and about a month after that i wrote it off on Putty Rd :cry: , i put a tinted screen on it and a staintune exhaust, you could tell the build quality wasnt there but on a restricted license i still think it was the way to go.

    The corner i crashed on, as you can see the front end was a bit bent and was a instant write-off

    Ive always been a Suzuki fan but when it came time to find another bike the ZX9R just happened to be the sort of thing i was after in the right price bracket and after taking a couple for a ride i was sold.
  2. Welcome aboard.. :grin:

    Can you please edit your post and add your pics via the add image to post option right beneath when you make a post.. Thanks. :grin:
  3. hi welcome
    im new to this site aswell and have just started riding again after a 8year break
    if you want to go riding give me a yell i only get sundays to go as i own my own shop at elermore vale
    im considering doing a putty road run soon
    so let me know if you want to meet up

  4. Sounds good mate, theres always a good group of bikes in town at the foreshore at night and on sunday afternoons, havent worked up the courage to pull up and introduce myself yet tho :oops:
  5. that used to be my faveourite hangout spot years and years ago

    what are you doing this sunday 9/9 im thinking of doing a run somwhere if the weather is ok

  6. yeah there still all in there, probably some fellas you know from way back aswell lol, not sure what im doing, ride sounds good, ill probably be in town Sunday afternoon
  7. Welcome, both of you Newcastle riders :).
  8. lol thanks, weres all the others hiding???

    updated first post with a pic of me riding :grin:
  9. very nice
    just remember when we go for a ride im only on a 250 :evil: but i will try and keep up especially in the twisties :LOL: