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New from Newcastle

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Collo, Jul 16, 2013.

  1. Hi all, after having my L's for a while I picked up a cheap bike last weekend and came across this site while searching some stuff.

    I've had a couple of dirt bikes, this is my first road bike. It needs a couple of things done for rego, but hopefully I'll have it on the road soon.

    It's a 99 Bandit 250:

    I'll probably read more than I post, but the site looks good, and once my bike is legal I might be able to tag along on a ride if there's any local stuff happening.

    Also, are there any good bike wreckers in the Newcastle/Hunter Valley area? I know the car wreckers to use but no idea on bike ones and Google hasn't really helped.

  2. Welcome to NR.
  3. Welcome Sinbin, There are a few Novacastrians on the site so I am sure they will be along soon to give you some tips on local bike wreckers.
  4. Welcome to NR, @SINBIN!

    Some Novacastrians will be able to help you in your query.
  5. Thanks fellas.
  6. Haven't been here for a while, still got the Bandit but it's no closer to rego than it was when I joined. I keep finding cars to buy lol.

    But I pick this up soon:


    2009 XVS650, Burleigh bars, short shots, hypercharger, custom rear guard, etc.
    Sounds great and goes well.

    Re-doing my L's next week because I let them run out. Once I do that I'll be on the road.
    Might get the Bandit on the road for the mrs, she hasn't ridden for a while but has her full bike licence.

    I'll probably be on here a bit once I get it. 8)

    Cheers, Collo
  7. welcome nice bike ^^^
  8. Thanks mate. I'm a cruiser fan and this will do the job for a while. I'll add my own touches to it over time, but a lot of what I'd do to it has been done already.
  9. Welcome to Nutrider!
  10. Haha, thanks mate.

    I gather there's the usual assortment of nuts here
  11. Welcome! Bit of a madhouse really!
  12. Should fit in alright then :bag:
  13. Went and saw oldmate today. Deal is done and I should have the bike next Thursday. Fark yeah :D

    Got a better pic of it too:

  14. Day one of the L's course down. Was happy to see they've got new bikes in the last 18 months.

    I hated the Daelim POS I had last time. They're all CB125's now.
  15. Computer test away from being on the road

    Woohoo yeehaa etc etc
  16. Bike got here a day early :D

    My daughter likes it lol

  17. Once again Fcuking nice looking bike mate :]
  18. The only thing I can pick on it at the moment is the fact I didn't build it lol. I've been playing with cars for years and like to do stuff myself but I didn't want a project (got enough of those), just something I can jump on and ride.

    L's back on Friday, can't wait to take it out.
  19. Been out and about on the XVS. Great bike to ride. Gave the mrs a go on it for mothers day. Counted as a gift lol


    She's doesn't want to get right back into road riding and has wanted a trail bike for a while so now we've ended up with this:


    2011 KLX 250, got it for an alright price and it'll keep her off my bike :D