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New from NE Victoria

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Dean Hyland, Aug 10, 2015.

  1. Gday all,

    I tell you what, I was getting quite frustrated because Im not all that tech davy and couldn't find where to post my new thread.
    Im lucky enough to live in Australia's best bike riding area - North East Victoria.
    If any of you have been this way (I bet most have), it has the beautiful scenery and twists of Mt Hotham, Mt Buffalo, Mt Kosiosko, the snowy mountains and the coastal valleys - all within a days ride.
    If you been down this way, I bet you've experienced the likes of Granya Gap, Tawonga Gap, Lockharts Gap and the recently opened road from Mitta Mitta through to the Blue Duck and beyond. Id love to hear your experiences and what you regard as your best rides.
    I ride a couple of Triumphs - a Sprint St 955 and a Tiger 1050. Im lucky to also have one of the only Suzuki Freewind XF 650, a DR 650 for the dirt and a Postie CT110 for the tough stuff.
    Cheers from Wodonga
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  2. Welcome! I have to say with the recent weather I can't help thinking the NSW north coast might be a better riding area, at least in winter;)
  3. Welcome, love the Mitta Mitta run through to Omeo, The Murray Valley, Murray River rd, Granya, Bonang Hwy, Bogong High Plains. The choice is endless.
  4. Welcome, though that makes me sound like a long-time member. Only been 'round here 5 minutes or so.

    Rode from Coffs to Phillip Island in 2002, and really enjoyed the ride through your country. Especially remember the segment from Delegate to Orbost. Interesting on a Ducati.

    The return trip was different but similar route. After coming up the mountain from Cann River, I overtook a caravan going uphill. It felt so good I just kept going and was doing 160+ over the crest. Just then, blue lights started flashing in the valley ahead, and I thought "Oh shit. I'm going to jail'

    As it turned out, the copper had just pulled over a car, and I quickly slowed and cruised past him as quietly the carbon pipes would allow.

    400 km further up the highway, I was chatting to another biker while we filled up at a servo. When I mentioned my close call, he told me he got booked by that copper.

    Also, he'd got separated from his riding mate at a roundabout not far from Phillip Island, and was riding home alone. The copper asked him what his mate's name was, then flipped through his book and said 'Hmmm, he came through here 23 minutes ago'. Priceless.

    Anyway, keep the black stuff down, and have fun.
  5. welcome aboard :]
  6. Welcome.
    You live in the same town as me !
    Certainly has an endless array of cool roads to ride.
  7. Welcome to Netrider Dean ....nice collections of bikes! (y)
  8. Welcome, yup good there, have you been to Tassie though?
  9. Yeah love Tassie. My wife and I have been down Twice and love to great roads. Favourite spot to visit was The Pup in the Paddock
  10. Thanks Davidk, I tend to be a bit over the top...a bit obsessive too. Love my bikes though.
    What do you ride?
  11. Is that right, it's amazing how small this place is.
    What do you ride?
  12. Cheers Jeffco.
    Looks like there's plenty to see on net rider
    Lol great story. That same police officer has a name for booking bike riders of its the one I know of.
    Have you been to the snowy ride yet? It's in November. .
  13. Thanks for the welcome. Yeah very lucky with the roads. Unfortunately the police have a heavy presence, particularly round the Moto GP at Phillip Island. Can be savage.
  14. Would have to agree with you. We try and get out most weekends. Rain hail or shine.
  15. Welcome to NR
  16. Hi Dean and welcome, was wondering when some one l am aquainted with would pop up here, its mick and we met on the ride cam and noels organized, l have been riding alot over this winter so if you still go out regulary, let me know and l will ride with you and your gang, went up to corryong a fortnight ago through tallangatta and back around to walwa and bellbridge, great riding. cheers.
  17. I have just returned to 2 wheels after many, many years away....and its so good to be back (y)
    I bought a Suzuki Inazuma a few weeks ago which is a great bike to get back into it before deciding if I move up to something bigger!
  18. Ride a Honda VFR1200X on the road & a WR450F on the dirt.
  19. Agree Dean, best roads in the country. I'm over winter, and looking forward to getting out a bit more. Went out last Saturday, sunny at home, through Chiltern and then hit thick fog 10ks out of rutherglen. Was heading for Yarrawonga but fog too thick so headed for Wangaratta. Fog all the way, but still can't beat the joy of being on the bike