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new from melbourne

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by cas, Feb 22, 2009.

  1. Hi all, been reading the site for a couple of mths, invaluable advice on here, fantastic site. Got my bike first ( a pagsta cruisa, shush, its a cool bike, im a vertically challenged female) and then my learners 2 weeks ago. Yeah, arse about, but what the heck...... still trying to figure out how to tame her, challenging, but having fun in the process.........

  2. welcome to netrider :)
  3. welcome, don't forget the whip!
  4. Thanks for the welcome, forget the whip (lmao at that), wanted to intentionally drop her on her on her precious shiny chrome today, she wouldn't do as she was told...........had absolutely nothing to do with the rider sitting on her back......I swear..... :grin: :grin:

    Got a lot to learn, the will is there......the skill?........not so much......

    Just quietly, I've learnt more reading on here than I did at the learners course, just have to figure out how to put that knowledge into practice
  5. ask for someone to mentor you, or if your confident enough to go out, have a look at the Tuesday night Learners Ride. You can find that in the VIC rides area above this forum area.
  6. Thanks Thera, excellent advice, i will do that. I think I (doesn't mean I do) know the theory behind doing things, like a hill take off, tried that today, back brake, release, clucth out and throttle on but my timing sucked, was getting it wrong somewhere, stall city (an example of something that wasnt even mentioned in my learners course). Very fustrating, lucky it was only my driveway I was tring to go up,lol. But, I would like to know how to do the simple things before I come on the learners rides, which i dearly would love to do, but don't feel I have the skill yet to be able to do so. Downshifting was hardly mentioned at all as well, trying to figure that out, can upshift smoothly i think.........i so need help,lol. Having always driven an automatic cage this manual stuff is all new which doesn't help, but I wanna learn......practice, practice practice...and add in a whip :grin:
  7. for the hill starts....

    Roll on a little Throttle while keeping the back brake on.
    Slowly let out the clutch until you start to hear the engine work.
    Slowly add more throttle, and let of the brake, and the clutch, oh yes slowly to both of those too.

    As you come of the brake, the engine will be pulling the bike away, or at the very least holding it in place.

    You can also control how fast you take of by using the clutch. And I would suggest doing this rather than playing with the throttle. Your less likely to stall it, if you let the clutch out a bit.

    Sometimes it may be better for you to, hold the bike with the clutch at hills, if your not going to be waiting to long.

    With the other stuff it all comes down to practice. Having a manual car is not the much a help. You don't clutch with your hand, or change gears with your feet in a car!
  8. That helps a lot, thanks for step by step clear instructions. Think I know where I'm going wrong, will give it another go next time I'm on the bike.

    The instructor asked me if I'd ridden before, no......if i drive a manual, no.......he heaved a big sigh and looked at me like I was nuts to even think about riding a bike....well pfft to him......where's that whip, should use it on him :p

    P.S will pm when I have enuf posts up............
  9. Hi Cas & welcome to Netrider. :)

    Thera has given you perfect advice there & yes, with plenty of practice you'll nail those hill starts!
    You probably know how much throttle to give your bike for a level surface start, just rev it a little higher for hill starts.

    You mentioned downshifting as well? If your bike feels like it's braking when you downshift, that's the whole idea! If it feels like your bike is braking too much, you might be downshifting too soon.

    Anyway, feel free to pm or to post with any advice requests. There's no such thing as a silly question! :wink:
  10. Hi and welcome to NR.

    Some of the advice may sound complicated at first...too many things to think about happening all at once... but with a little practice, in an amazingly short time it will all start to become second nature.

    When you are trying something new, try to find a quiet place to practice first, like a car park or a back street.

    Out of interest where did you do your learner's course? Most places the instructors are pretty good and assume no prior knowledge. Sounds like you may have got a dud.
  11. Welcome to NR Cas!
    You've already got some sound advice. I would just reinforce that the only way to progress is to get out there and "Tame the beast". Quiet roads and car parks are the way to go to start with and try to never ride outside your comfort zone. There's no prizes for remembering how much fun biking used to be. Lots of practice will see your competence and confidence grow and you'll start to love your bike as we all do.
    I would also advocate group riding provided you can get with a novice group. In addition to the NR rides some motorcycle dealers also run novice rides. It could be worth you talking to the dealer where you bought your bike about this. If you ride with other, more experienced riders they can see mistakes you are making and point them out before they become engrained bad habits.
    A final point is that you shouldn't worry about being vertically challenged. You only need to get one foot down. If you want a laugh, have a look at my thread - ducks disease and motorbikes under "General Discussion."
    Ride Safe :!:
  12. Thanks everyone for the welcome. and the much needed advice

    Been practicing around the quiet streets near home and am starting to get the hang of this bike riding thing....I think,lol. Still got a long way to go tho. Making some silly mistakes which practice will get rid of. Am enjoying my time on the bike, was busting to ride today to work but knew I'm not ready yet, ride within your limits is sound advice! Jumped on the bike the second I got home and went for a pratice run.
  13. My main issue was with the guy that was running the place, my actual instructor was good, paitent and helpfull so I would prefer not to name the place I went to, seems popular so I suppose other people were happy with going there. What really annoyed me was going back for the second day set up a time with my instructor ( I, for whatever reason, had one on one lessons, didnt join the other learners that were there at all) and was left waiting for an hr twiddling my thumbs getting more nervous by the second and when I finally got out on the bike the my instructor wondered where the hell I'd been......ummmmm.......yeah, waiting........he wasn't happy to say the least. He was out on the riding track training someone else so didn't know I was there.