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New from Geelong

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Big_Col, Apr 5, 2009.

  1. Hi All
    Got to say that the forums are a great source of info on every possible bike topic. I've been reading for a couple of months and joined up last month (the donation to the fire appeal was a great idea).

    I'm coming back to bikes after too long and while I got my L's in January, I've been looking for a bike since then. But found myself a KLR650 so should get that in a week or so... Bout time :grin:

    Lots of nice country roads around Geelong so will start off slow (ish).

    Look forward to spending more time in the forums not to mention on the bike.

  2. Gday mate, welcome to posting on NR!
    Plenty to read and learn here, enjoy
  3. ... from an ex-Geelong gal 8-[ welcome to NR, Col O:)

    Know very well a lot of the great roads to be ridden out and around G'long :p

    Enjoy getting out on your bike, at last, what took you so long? :p :grin:
  4. Thanks Guys

    I'll get a bit organised once I get the bike and add a few photos - 'cause from what I've read so far, a bike 'doesn't exist without photos' :)

    At some point you've got to get on with it don't you? once you're not spending so much on teenagers you can spend some 'bike money '. :LOL:

  5. Hi Col.

    Welcome to NR and good luck with the bike.
  6. Welcome

    Hi Big Col,

    Welcome to netrider.

    I hope to see you around some time.

    Stay safe.

  7. Well I picked up the KLR on Saturday - but 'tweaked' my back in the garden the day before! Talk about bad timing, but some panadine got me on my way today. Had a quick ride and some great fun.

    That red KLR with the bloke re-finding his 'bike legs' will be me.... but it's just like riding a bike :grin: it all comes back! Not that you ever stop learning.

    Still 2 days of Easter to go ... how many Ks?

  8. Oh my! Sorry to hear about the injury col.

    Well, welcome and welcome back! :)
  9. bloody old age aye :grin:
  10. geelong does have a lot of good places to ride for beginners that is very close by. and then after awhile, you have the GOR great ocean road...
  11. Yeah Goz, but I'm still going!!! :rofl:

  12. Get well soon

    Post some pic's of your new wheels, when you get a chance. I'll be sure to wave if I see you around town.