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New Frame?

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Spengbab, Sep 3, 2008.

  1. Hey Guys,

    Got a bike I'm rebuilding after an accident and it's got a crack in the frame, meaning it's written off etc.

    Wondering if I am able to go through the manufacturer to get a new frame, and get it rego'd and everything so I can get it back on the road.

    I understand that if possible, it'll be very difficult because for obvious reasons they don't want stolen vehicles to be rebirthed, I've got the receipts and everything though (thankfully)
    I'm in NSW

  2. what sort of bike?
    Depending on how old the bike is you might not have much luck with the manufacturer, but im sure they would be able to help regardless. Id start calling around the wreckers for a straight frame, you might be able to find one reasonably cheap second hand if you look hard enough.
    If you baught a newer sports bike i can vouch for those Auctomart eBay fairings, less than 1K for any paint job and ther MK2 stuff isn't too far off OEM ones.
  3. Having worked in Licensing over here in WA, I'd say your chances of doing it legitimately are pretty much zero these days. A few years ago maybe but not now.

    Best bet is to contact your local licensing authority, who should be able to give you a definitive answer over the phone.
  4. it's an 08 Triumph Street Triple

    Triumph can get the frame, I should've asked about the chances of getting it rego'd while I was on the phone to them
  5. Getting the frame isn't your biggest issue.

    Transferring it is. If can do it yourself, I hope you don't have work or any other commitments for a few weeks :LOL: Otherwise, expect to pay several grand in labour.

    Frame damage is just KO.
  6. I don't have a running bike, so yep plenty of free weekends now that i can't ride!

    I guess a new frame from Triumph would already have compliance, it'd just be a load of effort transferring everything to the new frame, and then a run around with the RTA

    I love the bike too much to let it go though, a new one wouldn't be the same to me.
  7. you could always look at getting it repaired
  8. I can't see there being a problem with starting with a new frame and using all of the salvagable parts on it, its not like the wreckes part out good bikes. Id make sure you call the transport authorities in your state first though.
    Just label and organise everything when you pull the donor bike down, i got myself into all sorts of trouble with an MX bike and they are simple!
  9. In Victoria, a cracked frame (or chassis rail in a car) usually means it's a statutory as well as financial write-off. Once a vehicle has a stat write-off, it can never be registered again. I can't comment on NSW, although I imagine it would be similar
  10. sorry mate i beg to differ....there are 3 points that all must be met for a vehicle to be a stat on the wovr car or bike....not just one.....i cant name the 3 in particular but thats the way it is
  11. Umm...not always. There are some forms of damage where only one criterion needs to be met for a SW. Can't remember them all offhand but, for example, immersion in seawater is an instant SW even with no other damage.

    I seem to remember that some forms of frame damage were an instant SW too. It's fairly draconian. The original proposal would have SW'd any bike with bent forks if a few bike savvy public servants hadn't pointed out what crap that particular idea was.
  12. yes thats because they are a componants....much like a frame is a componant to a motorcycle.....with a car a chassis rail is a componant to the chassis....so it can also be replaced
  13. If Everything but the frame is okay, what'd be the problem with re-registering the engine in a brand new frame?

    AFAIK the only details the RTA keep are the engine number and VIN right?
  14. I dont see there being a problem with pulling the engine out of an SW and putting it a new frame, a freind baught an engine for his CBR250 and the bike was that badly damaged they just gave him the whole bike to save them pulling it. So yes you can use an engine from an SW in NSW, but just call to be 100% sure and tell then you are only using the engine.
  15. Yeah I called the RTA today, they said it's fine as long as I get an engineering certificate, the trouble will be finding a motorcycle engineer!
  16. Result :grin: .

    I have to admit I'm surprised that they're OK with it, but there ya go.