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New found respect (R-E-S-T-E-C-P) for Karl Stefanovic

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Roaster, May 7, 2009.

  1. Always thought he was a bit of a bibble with his squeaky clean breakfast-TV image. But turning up to work drunk makes me see him in a different light.


    Of course, not condoning turning up to work drunk, but it is nice to see the lighter side of the humanity of celebrity from time to time. Particularly when it is a dude just off the back of a huge night giving a fairly good crack at his job (the hasslehof vid was not quite as uplifting...).


    After (and just slightly before his today appearance):
  2. The today staff were extra cheery that morning !!
  3. Haha "Fergo" nice work... :D
  4. Good on him. About time we got some real people back in the media.
  5. lol, funny. They were doing really well, considering!

    When I used to work in retail, I pulled a couple of all-nighters and then rocked up at work in a similar state. It was hard enough then, wondering what impression I was making on the few customers that I had to deal with at the time, imagine how he was feeling knowing that millions were watching.

    The weather guy seemed to be about level with him as well.

    Classic stuff.
  6. I reckon he did a good job backing up! I reckon the ratings would go through the roof if it happened more often.
  7. It's still cool to leave work drunk, though, yeah?
  8. Thats gold! Its just like having to work day after the xmas party...... everyone's done it, just he's on tv. I guess a producer thought it good for ratings too or he wouldn't have been on.
  9. His boss was probably even more pissed. He'll be ok.
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  11. I suspect things are just the same, it's just that they're more hidden these days from fear of the PC Bridage backlash!