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New Forum Users

Discussion in 'Site Announcements' started by Mouth, Mar 1, 2005.

  1. Just a few stats for those interested...

    New forums users on Sunday (27th) = 8
    New forums users yesterday (28th) = 11
    New forums users so far today (1st) = 12

    Our Netrider membership count has a similiar daily count (although not quite as high) over the last few months.

    Welcome to all new members and forum users :D :D :D

  2. Thank you mouth,its been great so far,just gotta get out on some rides with my new found friends! :D Been on 4-5 days and ive nearly got a 100 posts already!:oops: post whore is a word that comes to mind :LOL: :oops:
  3. I had a saleswoman ring me up today to try and sell some Microsoft and Cisco training.......by the time they hung up I still had my money in my pocket to be spent on riding gear and had sold them a netrider membership. :LOL:
  4. LMAO! :LOL: :LOL: What a classic! A telemarketer getting telemarketed too! :LOL: :LOL: Top effort Matt! :p
  5. Whenever those parsites ring us we ALWAYS interupt them and start to ask them leading questions, that relate to our products that we sell. Then we ask if they would like to make an appointment. Been doing it for years. Most of the time they get pi*sed off and hang up. RUDE BASTARDS. :shock: F@CKEN BOTTOM FEEDING SCUM SUCKING VERMIN.

    Cheers 8)
  6. You really need to get a life.

    You are averaging nearly 23 posts per day :shock:

    Do you actually sleep?
  7. tell me about it! :oops: :LOL:

    tryin for 30 per day :LOL: :p

    Do i what now? :shock:

    No job = boredom = many posts on many forums :LOL: :p

    Edit: LOL! i even managed to get a warning already! :p Not that i know what for though :?:
  8. :LOL: thats nothing, we had this chick jump on OSB for a couple of weeks and the first week she had between 80-100 posts per day :shock: i dunno what happened to her tho, the drugs musta worn off, or the keyboard musta given in or something :?
  9. damn, one of the elite already???? well done son, welcome to the club :LOL:
  10. LOL! :D I feel special! 8) thanks Coco! :p By the way,the 'Cat looks heaps better as a streetfighter,good job mate! 8)
  11. Hmm.. I was going GREAT guns with 100 posts in 5 days before the forums fell down :roll: :( :D Now I have better things to do.. like..ride..and *stuff* :wink: So when you getting your bike license?? :p
  12. Who me?

    You know I spend too much time picking people up off race tracks and seeing the damage they do to actually ride one of those two wheeled things :p

    Mind you I could ride rings around most people on a push bike a lot of years ago (drivers licence = throw away push bike).

  13. How can you and Coconut get the Warning? Too many F words on your post?
  14. Have no idea scootergal,just appeared yesterday,i think it was because of my stoush with the GPoX/ZZR crew :LOL: :p 8) I try not to swear to much,but sometimes i forget. :roll: :D