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New forum member - Melb - South East.

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Dave_the_waterlogged, Nov 30, 2010.

  1. Hi Folks,

    New member from Melbournes South East.

    Have just got the L's, and now looking for the bike and gear so I can begin the all important practicing.

    I suppose I'm what would be called an older rider (mid 30's), and its been a good 20 years since riding the farm bikes - the bikes on the course seemed very high tech and well maintained to me; they had really civilised stuff like brakes, and suspension that worked and the saddles weren't made from duct tape. All a bit of a shock.


  2. Welcome Dave - I'm an older newbie too, but your post about the farm bikes sounded JUST like my younger days! Old Aggies that were held together with baling twine and best wishes...
  3. There's absolutely nothing that can't be fixed with bailing twine and fencing wire. ;)

  4. Brake levers and shoes are tricky, but who needs 'em in a paddock anyway?
  5. And duct tape... never forget the duct tape.. :)


  6. Welcome Dave
  7. Welcome, newby myself. 1st day out on the bike yesterday, awesome feeling.
  8. Welcome to NR :D
    Enjoy the freedom that 2 wheels give you ;)
  9. Welcome on board Dave_the_waterlogged and good luck on your hunt for a bike.
  10. welcome to Netrider Dave :)
  11. Hi Dave and welcome to NR.

    And in you mid 30's I for one wouldn't be calling you an older rider. I reckon you have a few years to go before even getting to middle aged :LOL:
  12. Your just a baby! Welcome to Netrider, enjoy your stay.
  13. Welcome kiddo :)
  14. Welcome to NR! when you get everything up and running you'll have to come on some of the rides! Awesome for practicing your skills!
  15. G'day Dave and welcome!

  16. Hi All,

    Thanks very much for the warm welcome...

    I can now report I've got the bike; a lovingly pre-scuffed 08 GS500, which is a far far cry from my old brakeless, suspensionless XL100 I had growing up. I do appreciate the advantages of the bike being prescuffed, as it saves me the trouble of doing it myself.

    I'm getting used to the increased compression braking at the moment, as well as the torque (compared to the 100) - I'm used to double declutching and matching revs on my old landrover, but I'm not quite there on the bike yet. I assume you dont shift via neutral - I did try going from 5th to 4th via neutral, but by the time I got there it was dark, I'd rolled out of the city completely and all I could hear was crickets. :)

    The soft front suspension (with a top heavy 110kg) felt a little disconcerting initially, but I'm starting to enjoy feeling like I'm about to take flight when I brake heavily - wheeeee!

    I'm loving being on two wheels and I'm just punting around the place learning what I can, and looking forward to heading out to the saturday morning sessions.

    Anyway.. thanks again for the welcome, and I hope to see you on the road sometime.



    (For those wondering about the name - it refers to my main passtime; kayaking, and my tendancy to be just as comfortable upside down in the water, as on it)
  17. Pre-scruffed is ok. My bikes are pre-scruffed, with a little post sscrufffing to add character.

    And comfortable upside down is OK in a kayak but don't try it on the GS.
  18. Character is very important - I expect I'll develop more character as this goes on.

    Ok, so.. despite the GS feeling like it has some similarities to a boat, bobbing around as it does, capsizing is not good. Righto - capsize = bad. Got it. Helmet side up only.