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New Forum member, Hi all

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Swerve, Nov 3, 2006.

  1. Hi All,

    I’ve just started using Netrider and so here is my official hello to all of you!

    My name is Steve and have been riding mainly road/trail for the past 10 or so years. Had mainly dirt bikes except for a Yamaha XS400 I restored and then crashed on a dirt road. That was fun NOT with gravel rash on almost every limb and other injuries. That’s what happens when your young and stupid on a road bike, on dirt roads and no protection, long story.

    Well 1st bike was a Kawasaki KX125, Yamaha XS400, Yamaha TT300, and Yamaha TT600. In the last month my new circle of friends all started buying road bikes and the TT600 needed a few repairs for rego so traded it in and got a nice brand new Yamaha FZ6N.

    Been riding with work mates and having a ball, still getting all my muscles up to scratch as I’m not bike fit as yet. Have been lurking mainly the last few weeks and being a member of other forums you guys and girls all seems very friendly and a few nutters to spice things up.

    Look forward to making new friends and meeting on rides in the future.

  2. [IMG:55:36:4c2b2d2201]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v632/sgcooke/Smiles/welcome.gif[/img:4c2b2d2201]
  3. Welcome Steve.....FZ6N..nice bike.....
  4. hello i am new too i have done alot of reading on this web page it has alot of good info
  5. Gidday mate, and welcome! Your here, and you've managed to post......
  6. Welcome to the friendly forum, to you both, stick around and enjoy the fun; there's always something happening here, it's that kind of place :LOL:
  7. Hey All again,

    Thanks for your welcoming responses and it always good to talk with other like minded people.

    With the FZ6 being my 1st real road bike it is taking some getting used to. Last weekend did Sydney, Picton, Kangaroo Valley, National Park ride. It was a top ride and one of my better getting to know the bike rides. Starting to throw her around allot more and just feeling more comfortable.

    Starting to corner and lean more naturally (which is slightly weird coming of a dirt bike, where you don’t lean). All going well doing the Molong ride on Sunday with work mates for a long one day, should be fun.

    Will admit there does seem to be allot of 250cc bike on here which is great as the Learner and P platers are taking the time to learn what they are doing and not just trying to kill themselves. Well done all of you. Just wish forum's were around when I started riding, might have prevented a few scars :cry:

    Thanks again all

  8. Nice choice of bike :) How does it go?

  9. Hi Swerve and Saints,
    welcome to NR :roses: , hope you enjoy the experience and all that NR has to offer \:D/ \:D/ \:D/
  10. Scottatron,

    The bike goes really nice, corners really nice and quite easly to change direction really fast which has that nice feel to it. It can easily cruise in 6th gear with my 110kg onboard and still speed up, up hills. When you do drop it back 2-3 gears it just takes off.

    Riding home yesterday after my 1000km service (at 1400km, a little late) I was playing with acceleration on the freeway. Was dropping it back to 3rd or 4th at 120km and just dumping it, takes off quite nicely. Was easily doing some stupid speeds without realising it.

    I have read and it does have some engine vibration but hey, what bike does not ? Last weekend had some gravel roadworks and quite pleasing no mud sprays up at the radiator as it’s quite high, so it's well protected, plus if I did hit something nig it will collect the exhaust pipes not a oil cooler, engine block etc, make's me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

    I also like how both pipes are tucked under the seat giving a real clean look and nothing to hit gutters or whatever with. Little like a trail bike (but this handles !)

    I'm looking at getting a small screen for it and a luggage rack, I have a hard RJays case at home for it.

  11. welcome to you both.

    Hope NR gives you as much as I get from it
  12. Welcome Swerve and Saints. Hope you both have meet lotsa nice people here.

    Swerve: Thanks for the mini review of the FZ6N. I really like the looks of that bike. it's on the upgrade list. :grin: still have 11 months and 6 days until upgrade... but who's counting.
  13. Welcome Swerve and Saints.
    I'm new around here, too.
    It seems a good place to hang between the bends.
  14. Welcome to the forums Steve
  15. Welcome to the forums Swerve and Saints. :)
  16. 'ello 'ello ... welcome to teh nut house :!: Please enjoy your stay.. have a few digs and get settled any q's please dont ask as I generaly have no idea.... and if you up north say the goldcoast give me a pm for a beer*

    oh christ i'm rhyming... :roll:

    *Beer frothy goodness akin to happyness in a glass. In many forms from ale to stout and varries form guiness to boags draught depending on my charabilty mood and phases of the moon and number of free loaders.