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New Forklift Licencing

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Blue14, Feb 8, 2008.

  1. If any of you with Fork licences are unaware, they are changing to National licences. You have to register your details, and it will tell you when the licence expires, yes they do expire even though it doesnt say on it.. They will then send you the paperwork when its due and it will then be a photo licence.
    Its called a high risk work licence now..

    Looks like it will be $53 to get it sorted.. :roll:

    Here is the link.. Forklift Licence Registration

    If you dont upgrade it, it will expire and you will have to do it again i am to believe..
  2. Thanks Blue. i was surprised by how few people in the industry had been made aware of this.
    Plus for the record, it's costing me 45bux & 8bux for a passport photo.

    NOTE: I have three photos left over, so if anybody wants one cheap for their licence let me know.
  3. Yes it hasnt been made common knowledge .. :? I have to know all this lovely stuff for OH&S .. :grin: And yes of course theres a fee.. :roll:

    Love the bit about the photos mate.. :LOL:
  4. So it is true :(

    Best I register my licence.

    Cheers Blue
  5. Still good til 2012, w00t!


    No unnecessary government bureaucracy for me!

    Now where did I put that rego renewal....

  6. 2011 for me :)
  7. It's not just forklift tickets that are affected with this new system -it's everything from rigging, scaffolding, elevated work platform & anything else covered under the now "old" national ticket. Good news is that it costs the same to update one or all your tickets.
  8. i love being the boss, i dont have or need a fcuk lift licence :p :p
  9. #9 Chef, Mar 4, 2008
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    I'm reviving this thread, so i put this in for you Joel. I'd rather be the one driving the machine mate. :LOL:

    On another note, can anybody tell me (yes i googled) where i can go for an LO (stock picker) licence in the Sth east of Melb?
    When i got my original licence it was at Swinburne in Chaddy, do they still do it?

    Cheers Scheff
  10. There's no Swinburne campus in Chaddy, are you sure it wasn't Holmesglen TAFE on Warrigal Road next to the station - or Central Gippsland TAFE's Electrial Chadstone Campus (where the old SEC linesman school was). I think you used to be able to do it at either place.
  11. Yeah you're right, it was Holmesglen. It's been a few years now.
    I'll chase them up tomorrow.