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New Fork Spring Length

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by krabi, Apr 9, 2012.

  1. My project for this Easter Long Weekend was to upgrade my forks on my 2000 Suzuki GSX750F. I bought a heap of stuff from Teknik down at Sydney (via the phone and delivered 4.00pm Thursday before the long weekend). I ordered new springs as with all my gear I am pushing 100kg (muscle of course) and got springs with a 1.00 rating ( the orginal fork set up is ideal for a 73kg rider).

    The original springs are 365mm in length, but the ones from Teknik are only 340mm in length. Does this matter or is it as simple as add more preload with a spacer to get it back to zero? Or have they sent me the wrong part? The original spring is a progressive but the new spring is not. Is that the reason for the shorter length?
    Also, I got them to send me new bushes. The Top bush sent by Teknik was wider than the stock one, is that incorrect or is that normal when upgrading your stock telescopic forks?

    Looking at Teknik's website, where you can punch in your bike details and get the part details, the part number seems to correspond to my make, model and year.

    I just wanted to finish this job this weekend rather than wait 'til Tuesday to call Teknik.
  2. just make yourself longer preload spacers by 15mm and go from there. does the gsx have adjustable preload on the forks or is it only by altering the preload spacer length?

    did you get any information regarding the oil level/volume? as when you're altering the preload spacer length you are altering the volume that is available for the oil in the fork leg so it has the impact of adding more oil to the forks. whether that will make a significant difference to the feel of your forks it is hard to say (only difference will be in the last portion of travel before bottomed out) but make sure you run a cable tie on your fork leg so you can see how much travel its using.

    cant help you with the bush thing though.

    teknik are great to deal with and quick with parts too!
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