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New (for me) toy

Discussion in 'Bikes' started by stefank, Nov 16, 2015.

  1. Sorry, but I feel the urge to tell people. A step up from the CB250:

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  2. Certainly is stefankstefank! Congrats, and please don't be sorry, she's gorgeous (y)!!
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  3. Aye, it is a fair step up. :)

    I wish you much joy of it.
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  4. Lot more punch there for sure, scared yourself yet?
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  5. No, currently riding in grandmother mode. Mostly.
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  6. Congrats on the new ride :)
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  7. You've done your time on the little bike. Time to become an even better rider on a big boy bike.

    Well done, mate.
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  8. Congrats on the upgrade, nice and comfy with some more grunt. Hope you're enjoying the new bike and we are able to catch up next february for a chat/ride.
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  9. It's possible, but I get on the boat to Victoria (with car :-() on the 7th of February, which will limit opportunities. Depends when you get down south!
  10. Congrats on the upgrade!
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  11. Welcome to the Suzuki Brotherhood :ROFLMAO:
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  12. Beautiful looking bike .... ENJOY ... :)
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  13. Congrats on your upgrade!!!
    How long were you on a 250 for? I've decided to start on a 250.
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  14. About 19 months in total. I was tempted to get a bigger LAMS bike after I moved on to P1, but with an 80 kph restriction here in Tasmania there really wasn't much point to that.
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  15. When I bought my Street Triple after selling my little Zuki 250 I rode it in "Grandad" mode too!

    Till I pulled away from a set of lights and realised that the reason the front felt as lights as air was because there was air between the tyre and the ground....

    It does take time to learn and grow with a new and more powerful bike!
  16. Nice bike. I bought myself one of these about a month ago & they are beautiful bikes to ride, love mine.. Mine was an upgrade from a Kymco 125 scooter. Yes Grandpa mode was definitely switched on for me for the 1st few weeks. Getting the hang of the touchy throttle was a bit of a trick for me as with the scooter you really had to crank it on to get moving. At 55 I am an actual grandpa too
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  17. Well done! I'm nice and comfortable with the thing now, but there's still a whole lot of learning left to do.......
  18. congrats on the bike, I had me one, think it was my third bike, comfy, got a bit of go, reliable as. enjoy it, for along time, they are a good bike. well done :)
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  19. Oh yeah looks sweet
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