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New for ME CBR1000RR '05

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Daytona, Jun 5, 2012.

  1. I've had this bike since the beginning of May but I forgot I had this account :oops: So just thought I would share my new toy as I love it and am happy to show :D
    Haven't changed anything on the bike apart from the LED indicators from the flush mounted ones and the terrible rear ones to some new Yamaha carbon look LED's that are compliant and sexy :D

    Ok I can't work out the images in this website at the moment so if it's ok I shall direct link to a couple of the images.

    2005 LE Honda CBR1000RR Titanium big step up from my old bike but it's certainly a head turner from drivers reactions lol

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  2. That, my friend, is sex on wheels.

    I am quite, quite envious... I bet it turns heads.
  3. I wish I had that one and you had a better one :(

    After the VFR (or as well as if a rich uncle I don't know I have dies) I will have some sort of Fireblade....
  4. Thanks, got it for an insane bargain! Cheaper then the 600's I was looking at too. $8,800 (No RWC though) but came with Micron slip-on, fender eliminator, flush mount front LED's and black screen and rear seat cowl. It also came with ALL stock gear plus spares and full service history and dyne tune results and no marks on it at all! Was extremely lucky and it had 7,200km's on the odo lol :D
    Taken a bit to get used to (coming from a CBR250R) but it's fun.
  5. I want it!

    That bike is gorgeous.
  6. You went from a two fiddy up to a thousand? How'd that go for you? Hard to adjust?
  7. Nah not in regards to the power difference as I took my time and got used to it the hardest parts were the riding position as it was a lot more severe then the CBR250R I had and the front end was so heavy in comparison. After a few weeks you get used to it quite easily :D
  8. Seriously sexy colour scheme. Good move going from the 250 to thou, I went 250-400-thou......and have never looked back! ;)