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New Florida M/c law

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by JohnG., Oct 15, 2007.

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  2. Lose the bike and rider license for 10 years? Thats shat on a stick for ya.
  3. 30mph over? thats a fair schtick. just expect people to do speed runs sans license plate...
  4. I just hope car drivers doing 30 mph/h+ over limit lose their car for 20-30+ years then as I reckon a car doing roughly the same speed as a bike has a lot more mass/weight so if it hits something, can expect a lot worse wreckage to occur.
  5. Oh good, coz no-one will just run from the cops now... seeing as it's worth it if you have a chance of getting away.

    Spot on, Florida!

    ... it really is the retarded US state.
  6. i say good on them

    COPS has been so boring lately...could do with some good car/bike chases :LOL: :LOL:
  7. FL freeways are already 70mph + 30 = 100mph
    FL highways are 55 or 60mph + 30 = 85 - 90mph
    FL side streets are 30mph + 30 = 60mph

    Doing + 30 in any of these situations will see you live only a short time especially as none of them wear any gear, not even a lid. Apparently a bandanna is all thats required to hold your brains in :LOL: Seriously, if you think its smart to travel 30mph faster than all other traffic you are looking for trouble.
    FL drivers do not indicate and do other wierd stuff. Nice people though.

    If the law gets through you loose your bike license only.
    10 years does seem a long time but its less than death.
  8. The only thing it will acheive is more chases (as Ktulu pointed out), and i've seen how the US cops deal with bikes sometimes, whack! Or more and more peolpe will just ride unlicensed. Punishment should fit the crime, this clearly doesn't.
  9. I dont mind the law in theory. The ONLY problem i have is that it singles out motorcycles. If it applied equally to all road users then that would at least be equal.
  10. Doesn't look like it is law just yet, only scheduled to be tabled to be voted on.
  11. You can't put in a law that so blatantly discriminates against one set of road users. At the least it should apply to all road users.

    My guess is that it is being put forward by one Senator or whatever who just wants to make a name for him/herself (they do that you know!) and has a bit of a bee in their bonnet about bikes for some reason.

    Can't see that it would pass really, 10 years? Sounds like it has as had about as much thought put into it as a certain politician's idea a few elections ago to help the economy by printing more cash! Simplistic.
  12. Hmm, you can still get around by car, and you can still cart a bike to a track and ride it there. Not so bad at all.

    But still harsh. :LOL: