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New Fish

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by IanR, May 9, 2011.

  1. Hey all,

    My names Ian, i'm 20, am studying at the moment, and hopefully sometime very soon will be tearing up the streets of sydney (safely of course 8-[)

    I've been lurking around the corners on the forums for the last few months doing a bit of research, and now i finally have my license and the easy parts done, it's time to get involved.

    At the moment my dreams are filled with a mix of GS500's, CBR250's and Ninja 250's and my goal at the moment is to limit that down to just one special bike.

    Looking forward to some rides in the future and learning lots more about bikes.

  2. Welcome Ian. The Sydney Netriders are fairly active so I am sure they will make you welcome on their rides once you are up and active. What part of Sydney are you from?
  3. Thats great, because it seems common thought among everyone i know is that even looking at a motorcycle is dangerous :-s

    Im in Riverview on the the north side, about 5mins from Sydney City Motorcycles Lane Cove in bike terms.

    I guess i should also add some other interests/info... Im an avid Sydney Swans supporter and work when i can at a hardware store. Not much else to me really...
  4. Welcome to NR Ian. Check out the CB400 too. Awesome bike!!

    Got a bit of a soft spot for the Swans. I'm a Cats fan, but, lived in Penrith for about 10 years. This was back when Sydney were crap and there was about 5 people at each game (that was us). Then the super league debacle happened, and Swans started winning and next thing you know, games were sold out 3 weeks in advance.
  5. Welccome Ian, the guys on the forum are super helpful mate. Good luck with the purchase of your new toy.
  6. Thanks a bunch everyone!

    And Minglis, if only my budget could squeeze that far! It would definitely be my first choice if money wasn't an issue. I'm trying to limit myself to 5k for the bike itself, and reasonably new, which is why the GS500 pops up.

    With the Ninja and CBR250R being just over 6K new, they are becoming very tempting... and i guess i can handle a few more weeks driving my Mazda 121 (the bubble 8-[) in order to buy one new.
    Am i wrong thinking thats a ridiculously good deal for a new bike!? (im a sucker for value)
  7. Hi Ian and welcome to NR! I know exactly what your going through, having the license and deciding on what bike to get kept me up for days. Go with whatever bike you feel comfortable sitting on (and within your budget), as long as your on two wheels, its all good. I know for a brand new ninja 250, just over 6k is a pretty damn good deal - i can't speak for the new cbrs though, i'm sure someone here will give you an idea.

    And mate, whats with the AFL support, this is NSW haha. Anyway man, hope you get your bike soon and enjoy life on two wheels - you wont look back (except for headchecks).

    -Cheers, Albie