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New fish in Melbourne

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by drizzle, Aug 14, 2015.

  1. I'm new to Melbourne, arriving in May. Rushed to sort out my license transfer from WA, only to run into some sweet, sweet bureaucracy, that I managed to get sorted out after a week of follow-up phone calls between DPI (WA) and VicRoads (VIC, obviously).

    Now the proud owner of my first Melbourne bike and my first supermoto, an '09 Suzuki DRZ400-SM.

    Been babying her around the streets due to fresh rubber and still not knowing my way around (and hearing way too many stories about tram track stacks).

    I'm 29 and currently working in IT in the Melbourne CBD, but looking for a sea change - in the meantime, I'm over in the Brunswick area if anyone's keen to show me around and have some fun.

    I'm a bit of a geek, but more in the sci-fi way than computers, but I love live punk, hardcore and metal and look pretty far from your stereotypical IT worker. Got a thing for scuba diving and the water (although why I moved to Melbourne beats the hell out of me), so I'm always trying to think of ways to go overseas for adventure trips.

    Cheers all, hope to see you on the twisties!

  2. Howdy & Welcome to NR! Geeks come in all flavors :p Just like bikes and their riders!

  3. Welcome Drizzle, If you get down to Saturday morning practice in Elwood/St Kilda one of the members Uncle GregUncle Greg generally starts a ride from there around 11 or 12. Thats a good way of getting to know some of the local ride twisty routes. There is often a Sunday ride as well but that's a bit more hit and miss so check the thread to make sure someone is running one that week.

    Not into scuba myself but there is some diving in the bay, there is a place off Portsea called the Portsea Hole which I know is popular. Perhaps there are some other divers on the forum that can give you some local dive places.

  4. Thanks for the warm welcome, cjvfr!

    I'm keen to find the diving over here, but I'm still waiting for my gear to get shipped across to me - plus I've gotta admin I'm a wuss in the colder water - might be time get a dry-suit and look like the Michelin Man while I dive. Stupid but warm.
  5. Yes Melbourne winters can be challenging, but this too will pass. ;)
  6. Pfft, cold water, you'll live.

    Portsea hole is awesome. Blue Devils in abundance. Plus we have some great wrecks apparently, although I never got to do those.

    Swear I saw a baby Blue Devil hiding in a bolt hole in one of the pier pylons at Portsea, but everyone looked at me oddly.... Been years since I dived. One of the master divers I knew, an old guy too, used to change into a 5mm short sleeve short leg wetsuit in spring, no hood or gloves, saying how warm the water had gotten. We were all still shivering in 7mm suit and full jacket, hood, boots, gloves etc. he was obviously insane, but boy he could dive...

    Welcome. Some awesome riding in Vic.
  7. welcome aboard :]
  8. Welcome to Vic and NR. :happy:
  9. Welcome to NR...

    As suggested above, Saturday practice is a good place to start..

    Scuba diving? I've always had an interest in it but never got around to doing it.

    One day..
  10. Thanks for all the welcomes!

    Yeah, weather is quite a change from WA, especially the water temps. Unfortunately the only transport I have is a motorcycle over here, so lugging my dive gear around isn't the greatest - and the dive spots seem to be quite a bit from my stamping grounds.

    Pulled the trigger on the weekend and I'm organising a dive trip to Thailand next year, so at least I've got that to look forward to.

    Onto motorcycle talk: had a good Sunday with lots of sun, scrubbing in my front tyre. So much forest and trails around the place, I've already started looking at getting a second bike to dual-sport and get some fresh air.
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  11. welcome to NR, gee, an IT geek on a motorbike, now thats unusual, lets see that'd have to be at least 100 riders in melb ? :) Enjoy !! sounds like you already have :)