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New/First bike arrived

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by zulu2, Sep 11, 2008.

  1. My new and first bike arrived. KLR250 '91

    I rode home today, my first big ride. richmond to newport via carlton (vicroads). Excellent fun, I did not shit myself at all. Man kick start is sweet!
    My bike runs on a watch battery.


  2. Congrats on the KLR she looks in good condition
  3. ^^^ Agreed

    Top condition!!!

    Now all you need to do is take off that visor and get the biatch muddy :D

    Even got knobblies ready for it ;)
  4. Do they even come from the factory that clean?
  5. i heard that when my bike was rolled off the boat it was also clean.. was already full of rattles and knocks and crap though..
  6. Great bike, road trails are excellent beginners bikes i think. I loved mine i took it everywhere.

    That is pretty clean too. Man that plexiglass screen is huge.
  7. helps deflect the bits of landcruiser mirrors that the bark busters break off.
  8. Would these power wheelie? lol

  9. put your weight back far enough and it probably would.
  10. awesome bike mate, should give you plenty of good times!
  11. It would power woolie, but Im a fat bastard. :p
  12. Looks like a great first bike, is the chain loose because no-one is sitting on it, or does it need adjusting?
  13. Chain should be fine while im on it. But I will get it profesionaly looked at.