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New first bike - 92' CBR250RR

Discussion in 'Showcase' at netrider.net.au started by Quo Vadas, Feb 11, 2010.

  1. Hi there,

    Had my first bike for a couple of months now and am absolutely loving the feeling of riding it and everything else that goes along with biking.
    After riding a few different bikes, I went with this as it rides like a mother, looks great (my opinion of course) and has plenty of zing. Still getting used to the "scream" of the engine/exhaust note. Great to learn on but I also drool at some of the other larger bikes that I see around. They will come once I have my full licence and off restrictions.


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  2. Bike looks great, i completely agree and love my babyblade. I was amazed the first time i rode it, but feel the need for something faster already. How is it with the aftermarket exhaust? Mine absolutely screams at around 18 thousand and i'm seriously considering getting something else on there.

  3. Hi Doeven09,

    Yeah, I here you on wanting something quicker but that will come after I do my time on this bike. I am finding the exhaust rather loud and I am constantly getting head turns from people way off in the distance - this is probaly due to me keeping the revs up pretty high and thus giving a loud exhaust note. Maybe we should catch up for a ride and compare bikes. Haven't ridden or really looked at another babyblade. PM me if your interested. I live in Elwood.
  4. Cool bikes.
  5. Yeah i love the look of the cbr250rr, not a fan of the tyga kits at all.
  6. Love the exhaust, very cool bike
  7. dude hope you didnt buy this from motoheaven in brighton.....

    nah just kidding, if you did, i test rode it and it was awesome.. hope you didnt pay the $5750 they were asking for it tho

    they were going to give it to me for 5k but circumstances changed and i couldnt get it
  8. actually im certain this is the one i rode, with the blue barends aswell
  9. Pretty sure mine is stock, yours looks aftermarket, do you not have the old one?
  10. Chrissyben,

    You made me freak for a minute as got your response in an email and I didn't scroll down for a second..............nice!
    I did buy it from Motoheaven and I didn't pay the advert price. Picked up all of my gear there and the guys gave me a great discount as well exceptional knowledge and service on it all. I am really happy with the performance of the bike and have just put on some blue race adjustable clutch and brake levers.
  11. motoheaven are a great shop. the best of the brighton bike shops from my experience.

    plus the chick who rides the buell there is cute :p
  12. Hey Doeven,
    The exhaust is aftermarket and it came with the bike. Rather loud.
  13. its a straight through pipe if im not mistaken..
    dont know what brand it is tho, because metal-gear only do brakes not exhausts. sounds unbelievable at 17000rpm.

    keep it upright mate