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New Fence needed - Melb SE

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Flipper, Feb 17, 2007.

  1. Is anyone here in the fence construction business?
    We desperately need to replace our fence in the backyard before it falls down
    :shock: The fence we need replaced asap is 10 metres. Basically we wanna go with the cheapest option :wink:

  2. Does that mean we'll be tearing this one down for firewood :LOL:
  3. We can do this.

    Is it a paling fence?

    If so are the posts and rails still ok? If so...corragated iron ripples running verticle is the easiest labour wise and cheap to. If Rolla helps I'll sort something out.

    PM me.
  4. What's happened? Are the neighbours taking offence???
  5. Paul, thats pretty bad... :LOL:

    I'm not siding with anyone on this.... (you know whats coming) .... I'll sit on the fence :LOL:
  6. Oh, Dave, my jokes are paling into insignificance compared to your's :LOL:.
  7. Once possibly, but now i just pickett them out of my head :grin:
  8. booga....we are going to have to talk about your jokes.....AFTER i have a beer or 2......
  9. Yep, I'm a fencer, PM sent. :wink:
  10. professional fence pull downer at ur service flipper!!!! hehehe

    only charge a 6 pack!!! :beer:
  11. a 6 pack :LOL: I'd love to see that... guess she can donate 5 of them to me :wink: :LOL:

    Is there a fence paling bon fire piss up coming up... :grin:
  12. en garde :p
  13. Does that mean i will have to give you a piggy back around the yard??? :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  14. It seems that there's a fence between Heaven and Hell, which had fallen into disrepair. St. Peter sought out Satan.

    "Hey, Satan, it's your turn to fix the fence. The big guy says it looks awful. Get it done."

    "I like the way it looks," Satan answered. "I'm not doing anything."

    "You have to," said St. Peter. "It's your duty. You signed a contract when we built the fence, and you are obligated to repair it."

    "You think I care about that contract?" asked Satan. "You should know better than that. I said I am not doing anything, and if you don't leave me alone, I may just tell you what you can do with that contract."

    "If you don't make the repairs," St. Peter said angrily, "The law will make you. If you don't live up to your obligations under the contract, we'll sue you."

    "Sue me?" Satan couldn't help laughing. "Where are you gonna get a lawyer?"
  15. Prob not seeing as its treated pine :twisted:

    Jadey, the problem isn't pulling the fence down, it's putting one back up ;)
  16. Sorry it's taken all weekend to reply guys but for those that have PMed me or replied here saying they can do it, can I get you to give us a quote on a 10 metre fence, probably 2 metres high. The posts and cross planks have had it and are all rotten so they will need replacing too. Can you also quote on how much it will be without getting rid of the old fence and also with disposal.
    We are open to options on what sort of fence we get. The cheaper the better. We will go with the cheapest quote and how soon it can be done.
    We will need the other fences done pretty soon as well but that can be negotiated at a later date :grin:
  17. well guess you're out of luck there Deb, Jadey's expertise is in demolition not construction :p

    Good luck with it, I don't know any fencers so can't help you there... if you need help with it and I'm free then I'll be keen to help you guys out!!