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New female rider from Adelaide

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by trojanhorse, Aug 14, 2013.

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    Hi all, my name is Erin, I am a 30y/o woman from Adelaide.

    I have a red 2011 Honda CBR250R ABS which I bought brand new from Peter Stevens in December 2011. Prior to that on my L's and P's I had a tri-colour 2008 CBR125R. Have had my full licence for hmmm about a year and a half I think.

    Hoping to perhaps find some people to ride with and get my enthusiasm back as currently I am barely riding my bike so came to the decision to either start using it more or sell it (admittedly weather and it being winter prob has had an effect on that!)

    I went out on a few rides with a local hills riding club that I found through a woman's riding club I intended on going out with but their rides were organised and promoted primarily through facebook which I have since left so that dried up.

    I've been into bikes and cars for a while, I follow the MotoGP and I'm a member of a carclub with my car also. It's on my bucket list to see the MotoGP at Phillip Island before Rossi retires. I would have loved to go last year when it was Stoner's last season but couldn't afford to go and left it too late really anyway.

    Anyway, hope to perhaps see some fellow local members around the place sometime :)
  2. Welcome, and get ready for the inevitable question.
  3. Thanks :) Whats the inevitable question?
  4. Give it time, it'll come.
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  5. Hi Erin, welcome to NR :)
  6. Oh Gawd, quick post a picture of yourself up and head off the inevitable question.
  7. I think @87crisis is slipping in his old age.
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  8. Lol...why would I do that? Is the question "are you ugly?"
  9. ARE YOU HOT????
    Sorry, the suspense was killing me.
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  10. Close....

    Welcome :)

    ETA: Damn, beaten by an impatient Womble!
  11. Lol...oh that question...
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    Well, I wouldn't consider myself hot but I wouldn't consider myself ugly either, if that answers the question :)

    Nor am I a girly girl or a tom-boy, i kinda think of myself more practical and down to earth a bit like the "girl next door" type.
  13. Any lady riding a bike is instantly 46% hotter than a non rider.
    True story.
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  14. I agree. However my experience on dating sites and speed dating tells a different story... seems non riders/car people think it's dykie or something... :/
  15. I like to think so...it's the only chance I have to make it onto the scale.. LOL.
  16. Naw Im sure thats not true Greydog!
  17. Welcome Erin, few Radelaidians on here including me, enjoy your stay.
  18. hello,hello hello! oh and grey dog is most definitely hottttt
  19. He's only saying that b/c I give him hugs!