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New female rider (but not a mid-life crisis!)

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by razorcat, Mar 17, 2012.

  1. Hi all,

    A friend and I got our learners back in January and I bought my first bike then - a Honda VTR250. I love it. It's nice and zippy and doesn't let me get too carried away. I have been riding as much as I can and have taken some great day trips down to Phillip Island. I'm lucky because my mum lives there.

    However, I am sick and tired already of the (non riding) people who claim that my new found freedom is part of a mid-life crisis! I don't know if that's because I am a woman in my 40s, bit I have a sneaking feeling that my gender comes into play here.

    I have to remind the dissers that my dad used to race side-cars, my sister has had her bike licence for over 20 years and my brother was riding before he could walk. Only then do they give me some credit. ](*,)

    Anyone else in my situation getting that kind of attitude? And I should say that this kind of flack only comes from non riders. Jealous maybe?

  2. It's not a gender thing. I did the same as you and also have a vtr250 , they are great bikes. I was told I am having a mid life crisis and that I should get a tattoo, sports car and hair tansplant. Screw that. I have always loved bikes but never had the opportunity to own one. Sports cars cost a lot more and are nowhere near as fun. I would rather spend money on my bikes than a tattoo and for the hair, it was not 'yeah yeah' I just shave it clean. I am not that vain that I need a transplant for hair. All these expectations other people put on us is just them wishing they could do the same as us and be free and not be tied down to conforming to the masses of what they think is normal.
    Bugger what people think and just enjoy your bike for what you like and what you want. I am sure everyone here understands that as we all are doing it. Have fun on the Vtr, mine has been a blast but now it will be sold to make way for my gsxr750. They are a great bike and I will miss it.
  3. i don't have your problem because i won't talk to cagers. simple
    only advice i can give you is to tell them to get fcuked.
  4. Welcome to the fold. People just can't seem to tolerate others having more fun than them. :)
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  5. am i'm so awesome that the swear filter dose'nt apply to me
  6. You have all given me some very useful advice. Especially you MT1.

    From now on I am flipping the naysayers the bird!
  7. Welcome to NR. There's no such thing as mid-life crisis so enjoy the ride! :)

    Everyone else is just jealous as they can't understand you smiling all the time. You smile coz you ride!
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  8. I am getting the same "mid life crises" comment now I have my L's razor. Being later end of the 40's, I look them in the eye and say "yep" with a big smile (usually from having just gotten off the bike).

    Funny how even missing traffic lights is no hassle on a bike - life is just good!
  9. 47 when I got my L's. Not long to go for my full licence. Age means zip, if you love it do.
  10. I think they're just jealous! A while back, I was parked outside a cafe eating a meal on a lovely Sunday ride with hubby, and a lady strode up to be with a stern look on her face. I thought I had done something wrong and that she was about to tell me off for something, but she said she was so envious of me being able to ride my own bike, then she turned and walked away. I dont know about being a mid life crisis, I just wish that I had learnt many years ago.
  11. I couldn't decide if it was the fact I was a woman or in my 40s that meant that some people felt they could lecture me. Turns out it's happening to you fellas as well. Which is kinda good. If you get what I mean.

    And I couldn't agree more. Promised myself I'd do it for my 30th birthday, then my 35th, and then...well, let's just say I should have done it for my 21st! Got a lot of catching up to do.
  12. The funny thing is, you could have been riding since you were a wee nipper, but when you reach what others call mid life some tosser will still come up and tell you it's a mid life crisis... I with MT.. fugemall
  13. Have you done any further training, or made any plans to do so?
  14. Hey gsxxer

    I did the two day course at HART to get my learners and am planning on doing the full day course to get my full license in September. And then probably do a course after then to fine tune my skills.

    Do you have some suggestions?
  15. Hey gsxxer

    I did the two day course at HART to get my learners and am planning on doing the full day course to get my full license in September. And then probably do a course after then to fine tune my skills.

    Do you have some suggestions?
  16. Regular practice of tight cone-weaving type practice is a great way to become comfortable on the bike, learning to shift your body weight while learning to avoid putting unwanted input on the handlebars. Plus, all the license testing is low speed anyhow, so it would be your immediate goal. You can always go faster later....
  17. Yeah I have had to make a conscious effort to not lean down too hard on the handlebars. I got some upper back pain there for a while. A combination of hunching over and a bit of nervousness I think, especially when I did a couple of longer rides.

    It's very definitely true that riding at low speeds, in first gear, is harder than a straight line at a hundred k's!

    Thanks for the tips, really appreciated.
  18. Saturday Practice in Elwood :D

    Welcome to the Nuthouse and the wonderful world of 2 wheels =D>
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    I'm 43 and on my Ps. If anyone says its a mid-life crisis, I tell 'em call it what you like, I still get to ride a motorbike.
  20. I don't think it matters what age you are, you're learning something new and that's a good thing. People that question what you're doing are just jealous. I personally couldn't care less what they think - I've got a life, they need to get their own. Cheers.