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New favourite polish

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by bangalla, Jan 8, 2008.

  1. I picked some Turlewax Ice recently on the advice of a friend and finally got around to using it today. There are a number of different Ice products, but I just got the wax and the 'Instant Detail' as they will cover most of what I need.

    The wax comes with an applicator and a buffing cloth, which is great for people like me who can stare at a range of polishing cloths for ages, certain that I'll buy the wrong one.

    The best thing about Ice is that it can be used on rubber and plastic as well as metal, so no more chalky white residue if you wipe too far and no need for half a dozen different cleaning products. The application is easy and the finish is very good, much easier to get the bike looking shiny than some other products I've used.

    Supacheap Auto stock the product, I think it cost about $60 for the wax and detailing spray, but I used hardly any of either to do my entire bike, it should last for ages. I can't recommend this stuff highly enough.
  2. yes i use the polish as well and i think it is the best i've used so far. i highly recomend it.
    some pics of the result...
  3. :!: very nice shine!! :grin:
  4. That's a very nice little cibbie you have there.
  5. wowsers. bling bling!

    I've heard good stuff about ICE, but it's so expensive. Can you use it on your windscreen?

    I just use WD40 to clean all the dirt/crap, then wipe it down with MR SHEEN.

    If anyone has used MR SHEEN, and has made the switch to ICE, please post some comments.
  6. thanks.

    and i have used ice on my screen and it comes out nice.
  7. Ive used this on my car.

    Its not so much a polish as a synthetic sealant. It makes the car/bike shiny and helps the water bead while protecting the paint from things like UV rays.

    You can use it on all surfaces except glass i believe, so bike windscreens yes, cars no. My bike is way past due for a wash, i will ice it then.
  8. better than plexus? HERESYYYY!!!!