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new fairings

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by akaluke, Aug 30, 2011.

  1. So...

    I'm thinking about getting some cheap Chinese fairings to swap over for track days (and also for the street if I cbf swapping them over).

    I could just get duplicates or I could go for something a bit different.

    I've found a place that will make them up custom.

    After playing around in pohotoshop, I came up with this..


    My Customs:



    The original main fairing is silver, the custom is white.
    Whadya think? I prefer the first.
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  2. i prefer the second. by a long, long way.

    looks ****in sexy as ****.
  3. second pic looks better. How much to get those made? I want to change mine to matt black, but i Have a bright blue tank. :(
  4. Second by far.
  5. definately the second custom
  6. Agree on the 2nd pic mate..very nice.
  7. Yep the old saying "less is more" seems to have all of us on the second one..
  8. I had to choose my fairings around my white tank. You could get your tank painted to match your fairings.

    These will cost about $700 - delivered.
  9. and I'm a bit confused...

    For all those voting for the '2nd' pic - the 2nd "custom" pic yeah? or the 1st custom pic?

    pic 1 - original
    pic 2 - custom 1
    pic 3 - custom 2

  10. Pic 3, custom 2 ;)
  11. I agree, the 2nd custom pic does it for me..
    I really like that classic paint scheme.
  12. Golly thats cheap
    Edit: also 2nd custom gets my vote also.
  13. +1 on both,


    looking at getting some track fairings
  14. I like both...leaning more on the 2nd pic (1st custom pic...**** this is going to get confusing). Simple to do and if you crash, only 2 colours to worry about ;). However it does look a little plain, hence 3rd pic (2nd custom) is appealing too. Maybe break up the black and white in the 2nd pic with one or 2 black pin stripes (if 2, one thicker than the other) running parallel to the black belly pan...sort of like a barcode but not...if that makes sense at all.
  15. FWIW

    This is what I'm about to order. The will be matching color based on these images....Fingers crossed. I know the images look different colors...if they get half way between the two - I;ll be happy. Color matching based on jpg images and uncalibrated monitors is tough.


  16. Perfect bro! yeah pic 3, custom 2...
  17. Pic 3 = custom 2 = NICE
  18. Beautiful is the wrong word.

    It's just ****ing tough. Tough and sexy.

    I used to think things were either tough or sexy, but this is both.

    People say maple syrup doesn't go on bacon but just try it ok.