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New fairings - Need opinions

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by gsxrjames, Feb 28, 2011.

  1. Hi guys . I need some opinions on my latest purchase.

    I picked a up an used after market corona fairing. It has a few marks but is generally in pretty good condition, plus it was a bargain. The colour is slightly different to my tank but I think I can pull it off. If I get it on and find it’s not quite right I’ll use it as a track fairing or just keep it as a spare.
    The front panel near the head light has half a sticker removed (ill cover it with another), tail has a slight crack but other than that its all sweet.

    The set

    The original.

    With the Corona

    Is the colour difference that bad???


    Scratches on the right side of the original after a low speed drop. Not that bad but I was thinking about getting it sprayed.

    So what do you think? Original or aftermarket? Be brutal (it was cheap). :D
    I think the new set looks really nice. Just not sure about the tank colour. I’ll post more pics when I actually get it on (need a few bolts)

  2. Original. I've developed a thing for gsxrs of late and can't help but think you've ruined it.

  3. pfft ruined? It only takes an hour and its back to stock.
    I love the look of the original yellow but after a few years you do start to get over it.
    It'll be like trying a new pair of shoes for a week :)
    Keep in mind I only put one piece on... Once properly on it should look something like this
    With a white tail...
  4. Who cares what people think. Its your bike. Do what you want to it. people tell me that they hate the things I did to my bike, and others say they love it. I dont care anymore, I just do what I want.
  5. ^^ I agree with you. The problem is I like both. The original is awesome but there’s something appealing about having something different. I’ll put it all on on Saturday and look at it for a few hours, then decide.
  6. Do you have the corona singlet to go with it?
  7. It looks fine, a punter wouldnt know its not supposed to look like that..
  8. Can you ride holding a corona in your left hand and just clutchless shift around the cbd?
  9. The original mate
  10. The new one would be good if someone hadn't put advertising stickers all over it. Can you scrape them off without damaging the paint?
  11. It looks fine IMO, the end result is a surprisingly subtle difference, it's different but not substantially enough to upset her looks.