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new exhaust for my little cruiser

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by TattooedOz, Feb 28, 2007.

  1. hi all, i introduced myself in the newbs section and thought i'd try to get some info if possible, first i did a search in mechanical/maintnance and mods/projects with the word vstar. i thought i would find something but nope...
    I have last years model 250 vstar which i dont plan on selling and would like to change my scooter exhaust lol
    I checked with yamaha and there is nothing aftermarket for it, I checked sites in america and they have never heard of this model...is that right?

    so what are my options, im guessing custom pipes for the 650 vstar wouldnt fit?

  2. If I where you, I would take the exhaust system off the bike, pull it apart and remove the baffles, you may find that they are spot welded into the exhaust, if you can get the baffles out carefully then just drill many more holes into it and then refit them into the exhaust.
    There is a Vstar forum around, find it and ask some questions, there could be something aftermarket available.
  3. Firstly check what Duhast said. Second option is www.megacycle.com.au have a chat to Ken and see what he comes up with. Good luck with it..
  4. i just went outside with the torch to have a look, seems to be alot of bolts and welding between the exhaust and heat shields. how easy would it be to do for someone with little experience?

    will also check out megacycle and look for a vstar forum, i think i saw one last year some time
  5. i have a yamaha xvs650 dont think would fit good luck thou
  6. She is just a little tacker, Rip down ya local exhaust shop and tell em to rip the pipes off and wack on 2 feet of stanless pipe,and a set of dump pipes to the road ............. OR if ya wanna be really wanky put a set of fish tails on the back of em. . Please dont do the fishtales...............