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New exhaust for K7 GSXR600

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by Vin, May 15, 2008.

  1. I was thinking about getting a Racefit Mega exhaust (http://www.racefit.co.uk/mega/index.htm). Everyting i've read about this exhaust says they are just way to loud but that has been on ZX10R & GSXR1000's and before they brought out a baffle for them.

    Does anyone have this exhaust on a 600 or heard it on a 600? Is it just way to loud? Is there a difference between an exhaust on a 600 to a 1000?

    I don't mind loud but some have said they were not allowed to race with them cause it did not pass the noise test at a race track. These are not cheap so i don't want to waste my money, but in my opinion it's the best looking exhaust i've found so far.
  2. Have you seen the Taylormade one? I'd do that before committing to buy this one. It's prob more expensive though...
  3. Yeah i've seen the Taylormade ones, i'm not a big fan of them. Plus i've heard bad reports of them not fitting right and melting the plastics.
    I like the Racefit one cause it keeps with the original look of the bike.
  4. It looks awesome, but I'd say the noise levels will be pretty offensive. Do you know any decibel ratings (with and without beffle) and how it rates against other bikes?

    If it's as loud as it sounds in the clip on the racefit site, i'd do a little more investigating. The last thing you want is to end up with an exhaust that you can't live with. You want one that will attract a bit of attention, but not too much.
  5. This is the only db ratings i can find for it.
  6. yeah most of the aftermarket exhausts are not for road use because they are too loud. they also get alot of attention. being a 600 it'll be much much louder than ur stock exhaust. oh, and taking the catty out wont make a huge difference in noise either. take it out anyway.
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    Listen to it here


    Doesn't sound too loud to me. Hard to tell really.

    Taylor made are ugly! They look like someone made it in their garage.

    Can't go past a M4 GP if you ask me, for looks, and value.
  8. +1 on the M4 exhausts. Search them up on youtube, they sound REALLY good, and they look quite nice aswell.
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    That sound clip is for a 2005 gsxr600, apparently the 06 & 07 models are a lot louder.
    The only thing with youtube, most things sound the same & it depends to much on how they recorded the noise & the speakers used.
    I had a look (& listen) to a Mircon Serpent exhaust on a GSXR750 k7, which have the same set up as the racefit exhaust & it wasn't too loud, i mean it was loud, but a cool loud. So i'm guessing the racefit would not be much different & the racefit will have a baffle were as the micron didn't.
    All I need now is the tax man to give me back some money. :grin:
  10. Woooops, my bad, saw the blue seat and assumed............

    Anyway, my K5 was way louder than my K6 :?

    I'd still go the M4, i have one on my K71000 and it's freakin awesome!
  11. I recently put an Akrapovic carbon Shorty on my K7 GSXR750. With the baffle it has the same volume as stock (and stock is pretty loud on this bike), without the baffle it's about 4 dB louder. I run it without the baffle and have had no grief so far, despite the fact that I seem to go through a booze bus about once a week lately.

    It gives the bike a really nice, deeper sound than stock which to me is a lot better than the higher pitched, raspy exhaust notes you sometimes get. It also looks good on the black bike, I've only had positive comments on it so far. It's an easy installation (90 mins start to finish) and eliminates the cat so it saves you about 4 kg all up. Best of all I got it for $450AUD delivered from the USA which is a LOT cheaper than stuff like the Taylormade and $300 cheaper than you can buy it for here.
  12. Mate of mine has this pipe on his 05 zx10r and it is loud, I mean window rattling loud! Even at idle the thing makes my sack quiver :shock: