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New Excited Netrider Member!!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Hondagirl, Aug 27, 2006.

  1. Hi Everyone,

    I only discovered Netrider a few weeks ago, and its been really terrific so far! People are so friendly and there are so many events to take part in.

    I have only been riding for 3mths, and as of today, L plates are in the bin!!! My baby is a ZZR 250, and it's been most fun i have ever had on the road. I have no idea what i was thinking driving a car all these years!

    Can't wait to ride to GP, will be my first time this year.

    Looking fwd to meeting more of you guys and having great long distance trips,

    Enjoy the increasing sunshine,
  2. Welcome and enjoy!
  3. Welcome bluebaby. Yes Netrider is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Right now we're working on World Peace, a cure for AIDS and the answer to the Glasshouse Effect. When we've finished those easy tasks, we're going to start on real hard stuff, like how to fit 9 Netrider Coffee nights into a 7 day week!

  4. Hiya bluebaby

    welcome aboard.

    St Kilda hey....try and make it to coffee at Cleos in Fitzroy st every saturday night :)
    Hope to catch ya down there one night.
  5. Hiya bluebaby, welcome to the forums and hope to see you at a coffee night soon :)
  6. Hey there Bluebaby, Welcome.
  7. Congratulations on binning your L's (I know how good that feels!) and welcome from another newbie!
  8. welcome!
  9. Hi diddley hi...
    Damn there's a lot of Victorians on this site...
  10. Welcome bluebaby. Enjoy but please don't get over excited. :cool:
  11. I was a 'bluebaby' when i was delivered, took em a while to get me breathing & i had become a deep shade of blue, contrary to popular belief that i was dropped on my head :LOL:
    btw Welcome
  12. Welcome....... :beer:
  13. Welcome bluebaby. :grin:

  14. Was that a Freudian slip Paul? :LOL:

    Regards, Andrew.
  15. Welcome - hope you enjoy the zzr as much as i do mine
  16. Hey,
    That's a good one, I was born the regular colour and still am, but my ZZR baby is a gorgeous blue and silver
  17. Thanks Jim, i'll probably get to see it this week if u you come to Southbank..?
  18. hey bluebaby, almost in the same sit as you - just joined, think its great, got a ZZR250, love it but cant wait to upgrade! and im HOPEFULLY getting my p's on the 9th of sep. Failed twice on the cones and u-turn so thats y i say hopefully... :?

    Hasta Luego y goce
  19. You're showing your age, DuHAST; I haven't heard a baby described as 'blue' for years and years.....

    Your early oxygen starvation has no connection to your present choice of motorcycle??

    {I AM just joking, of course :wink:}