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New Entry Level road racing class - Twin Sprints

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by technogeekery, Apr 26, 2006.

  1. Have you ever considered getting into motorcycle racing, but found the prospect of banging fairings at very high speeds with 600cc Supersports off-putting? Too big for a 125/250, and not keen on buying a 10-year old grey import 400? Not many options left, are there?

    And now there is - in Victoria and WA anyway. The MCRCWA and Prestons MCC in Vic are both running new classes which allow 4-stroke production-based twins up to 650cc to race. Both of them are running this class together with the 400cc bikes until they get the numbers to form a seperate class, and this looks like it will work very well. This means that there is an option for those of us who want to race a modern, mid-powered bike relatively cheaply, and there are a number of bikes available that fit the bill, both new and recent second-hand. The rules mean that they run nearly stock, to keep the cost down, so its an accessible, relatively inexpensive way to go racing - you can even run your road bike with a few modifications for safety.

    Eligible bikes include:

    Suzuki SV650N and SV650S
    Kawasaki ER6N and ER6F
    Hyosung GT650 and GT650R
    Ducati Monster M600 and M620 (although these can also race with BEARS)
    Cagiva Raptor and V-Raptor 650

    If you live in Victoria, contact Prestons (www.prestonmcc.com.au) for details, and in WA see MCRCWA (http://www.mcrcwa.com.au/). But if you are in NSW - there is no such option - yet...

    I am trying to get this class (or something similar) up and running with St George MCC here in NSW. I am lobbying them to include this class this year as a trial, but the problem is finding a natural home for it to run with. St George are unlikely to let this class run with the 400s as that class is full - they had 40 starters in the 400cc class at yesterday's Anzac Day races at Eastern Creek. However it might be possible for them to run it in a mixed bag including their Lites and GRO classes. But either way, they are much more likely to consider the class seriously if we have a few potential racers, instead of just me making a nuisance of myself. So if there is anyone in NSW keen to try racing a lightweight twin, be they a new potential racer, an older guy getting back into racing, or an experienced racer wanting to race their twin, please give me a shout, and we'll work on the campaign to get this class up here in NSW together.

    I can be contacted at technogeekery@inthemix.com.au

    Thanks :grin:

  2. I was at Winton on Sunday and noticed a girl on a ER6 in amongst all of the 400cc. sounded great.
  3. Awesome! I've been toying with the idea of a 'bucket racer' or a 400 cc I4 lately and have been weighing up the costs. I still wouldn't do it until next year when i am off my P's but This is very interesting. It might make the next bike and upgrade and track bike. Hmmm something to think aboutl. What are the Mod Restrictions on the class??
  4. Yes, there are a few ER6s running down there now and soon some SVs I hope. And I saw a woman riding a Hyosung GT650 in the GRO race here yesterday - she was doing great as well :) But for guys, we don't have that option yet in NSW...

    N1GH7-R1D3R - until the class has been accepted, the rules won't be fixed. But in Vic & WA they are keeping the bikes pretty stock - you can work suspension, brake lines, exhausts and bodywork, but thats really it. Have a read through the relevant thread on the Prestons website if you interested. And if you want to go racing here (I see you are local) you don't need to be off your Ps...
  5. It'd be good to see.

    I've bought a new dog, sorry, VFR400 and intend to go racing with it. Maybe once I work out what I'm doing I could chop and change classes.

    As regards the price, none of those bikes are cheap and apart from the Monster and the SV haven't been around too long (I think). Mind you, still cheaper than Supersport or Superstock (if you want to be competitive).
  6. You are right, there is no such thing as truly cheap racing....

    But the Suzuki SV650 has been around since 99, and you can get good clean recent models for $7-8k, and an older one for about $6k, less if it has been cosmetically damaged. Then getting it into race trim will cost a couple of grand.

    The Duc Monster 600 has been around for a looong time, and the 620 a little less - but they tend to cost a bit more, and are less powerful / don't handle quite as well. Probably the bargain of the field is a Hyosung GT650 - they are starting to come onto the 2nd hand market for as low as $5k, and they have every bit of the power of the SV. Saw one racing at EC this week, looked good even running bone stock (although think they will have worked on those horrible brakes a bit).

    Sure a 400 is cheaper to buy initially - but for my preference I'd rather have a more modern bike that I don't have to rebuild each season. Also (and this is personal) they are too small for me. Anyhoo - I'm biased - love my SV and want to race her :grin:
  7. Suzuki have announced they will support this new class (and proposed class in NSW) by offering considerable discounts on a new SV650 for those intending to race it. I quote an email from Suzuki:

    "Our entire racing support program is going through some extensive changes and this new class was not originally factored in. However, after discussions between Sales & Marketing departments I have some excellent news to report.

    - Suzuki will offer support via extremely generous discounts on new SV650 units. Whilst we can't confirm the exact price here (due to dealer variation), it is thousands below the $SRP of $9890.

    - The significant size of this unit discount is such that Suzuki will not offer a parts budget, contingency, or other forms of support. (Riders can put the cash saving toward whatever they wish!)

    - All racebikes must be ordered & delivered via an authorised Suzuki dealer. Dealers will be invoiced the units at the same wholesale discount, but their own costs for assembly etc may vary.

    - Potential SV650 racers should contact me initially and provide proof of intent to race & provide a current racing licence. (Naturally, we want to help genuine racers, not have people try to scam a cheap roadbike!). I will then hand over the order & delivery arrangements to a Suzuki Regional Sales representative & preferred Suzuki dealer.

    Alex, I agree completely with your thoughts on this being an excellent entry-level class and we applaud the state racing bodies who have introduced it. No doubt the SV650 will be among the favourite weapons of choice for this class, and with the exciting discounts we are now able to offer, we hope to dominate the grids! Being eligible for the ASC "NK Lites" class offers even further incentive...

    I hope you find the above favourable and spread the good word to the SV & racing community.

    Warmest regards,

    Dean Bonthorne
    Motorcycle Marketing Controller
    Suzuki Australia Pty Limited
    Ph : (03) 9931 5528

    Interesting - thats great support. Now to keep trying to get the clubs in NSW to let us run...
  8. So Im interested in racing but how do I go about getting the said liscence to race and what else do I need to do to make it all legal. Im in sydney but filter between perth also, will this make a difference because I noticed that there was no race class in NSW but one in WA. Any info you guys could pass one would be great.
  9. Best advice is to go to the Motorcycling Australia web site and locate the list of state controlling bodies. All your dealings will be with your state controlling body. In NSW it is Motorcycling NSW Limited. From there you will need to find a registered club to join. You MUST be a member of a club before you can apply for the racing licence. Click on the How do I get started link and go from there.

    In short:
    • Join a club
      Obtain a race licence (cash + test)
      Attend an event
      Have fun

    It's also worth noting that most clubs are extremely accomodating and will try to find a class for you to run in, even if they don't have one that matches exactly what you've got. I was at Broadford today and there was a guy on what looked like a little dirt bike (almost pocket) done up as a SuperMotard. Except it was 110cc, tiny and had slicks. And he ran in the SuperLights (Buckets).
  10. Okay - we are going racing :) James Spence from Circuitbreakers is going to let us (twins) run in his ECRR series. He will grid us in an appropriate class - depending on entries, might be their Lites (125/250GP + motards), mabe Womens, maybe Clubman (600cc pre-1996) - either way we'll be able to run in a field that won't be stupidly faster than our bikes / ability level.

    Thats great news - and if St George come to the party too, we'll have 6-8 meets a year where we can run, so this is really starting to look good. Most importantly for me, I've now got a place to race - so I'll be prepping my bike for their Jul 1/2 meeting at Eastern Creek. I've got a few people interested (one with a Ducati 620) but not yet committed. I don't care if I'm the only twin on the grid - but it would be much more fun to have someone with a similar bike to measure myself against / race with. Anyone here up for it? Email me on technogeekery@inthemix.com.au if you'd like to bounce ideas and share prep work for this.

    Oh yes - and this means that the Suzuki offer above is open to NSW racers too... :)
  11. Nice work guys, I've been wanting to get into racing for as long as I can remember so the above info is really helpful :grin:

    Can anyone advise on any good/local clubs to join in order to go for a racing licence?
  12. Aaron, read my post above. Otherwise it's all a matter of preference. Preston are supposed to be good, Hartwell are large. I think they are more or less the same.
  13. +1 on what cejay says. Preston (www.prestonmcc.com.au) are really supportive of this class so if you are interested in racing a twin, I'd go with them - otherwise either will do.
  14. Just posted on the AMCN site from Mallala:


    I have had discussions with a senior Motorcycling Australia representative, Daniel Hutchinson, here this morning and also with Road Race Commissioner Phil Tainton concerning the new class of racing being adopted in some states for twin-cylinder 650cc motorcycles. I impressed on them the fact that I think this class needs immediate direction from the top in regards to a standardised set of rules to be enforced Australia wide in order for this class to realise its true potential for growth. I see massive potential in this class which offers newcomers to racing a reliable machine that can be brought new along with spares easily accessed through dealers nationwide. However, I do believe that a set of rules needs to be standardised urgently. This will ensure riders do not spend money on excessive modifications, such as new forks etc., for them only to later find them banned under a set of rules that come down at a date in the future. This would help to ensure that riders do not go to great expense in modifying their machines in ways that eventually may rule them ineligible for competition. I can see this class as the potential new starting point for riders nationwide, it would also be fantastic if the class could also enjoy a lower entry age than other classes of racing, much like 125 GP enjoys now. Australian racing will always need a GP class, I see that as essential, but I do believe this new class for 650cc twins offers something different. A situation where anyone can buy a new machine, such as an SV650 Suzuki (which Australia are doing HUGE discounts on for people wishing to race them), and can realistically expect to be able to race it all year without having to do anything other than change the oil and take it to their dealer for an inexpensive valve adjustment every now and then. A class where crash costs are reasonable due to the lack of bodywork etc. However, in order for this class to be given a real chance of realising its potential I believe it needs immediate leadership and direction from the top. I plan to detail my reasons in a letter to Motorcycling Australia and the Road Race Commissioners late next week where I will urge them to take quick and decisive action in standardising the new class across Australia. I invite all interested persons to either email me at editor@mcnews.com.au with their thoughts, or they can air them publicly in the mcnews.com.au forum in our 'Oz Racing' section of the forum

  15. OKay - some more good news for this class in NSW - after a long & sustained lobbying program (koff) St George are going to let this class run as well. They have just published supp regs for their Round 3 at Wakefield Park in August - and their Class 8 is 650cc Twins! So we've officially got a place to run with them too. Details on www.StGeorgeMCC.com for anyone interested.

    Like East Coast, they won't say which other classes they will grid us with, other that it will be "appropriate" and depends on entries received - but I'd strongly suspect with the GRO/Motards/Lightweights. And of course the more entries they get, the more this class is likely to succeed and eventually run as a stand-alone class. So come and race, people!
  16. Okay, we are going racing this weekend. East Coast Road race series, Eastern Creek, Sunday 2 July, racing from 10am, spectator entry $15. So if you are interested in racing, and particularly if you are interested in possibly racing in this new class, come and say hi. I'll be the only SV there and the bike is naked, so should be easy to spot in the pits. On the track even easier - I'll be the one in the fluoro orange leathers at the very back :)

    First time racing, so wish me luck ...
  17. Well, the racing was great - what a rush! Full story on http://www.svdownunder.com/blog/technogeekery.html for those interested in the detail, but the short version is - I survived, didn't take anyone out, had a ball and took 15secs off my lap times.

    Now all we need is more twins to race against :p
  18. I was there, marshal on flag point 6.

    Didnt remember to look for you though :?
    Will see if I got any pics of ya, but none of my pics are much good so dont hold your breath :grin:
  19. Well, cheers for flagging, appreciated :)

    I was in with the Retros - #67, black naked SV, fluoro orange leathers, black helmet, quite hard to miss esp with the horrible hole in my little flyscreen where the headlight normally fits :LOL:
  20. Cheers for that info technogeekery. I've been seriously thinking about getting an SV650 and using it as a road/race bike :)

    Oh, and good luck with the racing.