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New England to Bris Vegas

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Brick, Feb 16, 2013.

  1. We are planning a possible re-route on our half lap of Oz. After riding from Darwin to Canberra then via Cowra, Bathurst and Putty Rd to Tamworth and the New England highway, my BMW will be due for a service. Currently I'm considering changing our plans of following the New England to Toowoomba, to entering Queensland closer to the coast to ride through via Spring Brook into Bris Vegas to have the service fond at Morgan & Wacker where the bike has purchased from.

    Has anyone got any ideas of best route and more importantly road reports after all the recent wet stuff? Not particularly keen on riding in Brisbane peak hour, so best route into Brisbane and fastest route out would be appreciated.
  2. Or you could go to Ray Peake near Canungra and miss Brisbane altogether. You'll be getting a true BMW guru. From Warwick head east and come in on the Mount Lindesay Highway to Beaudesert and hook around to Wonglepong from there. Ray trades as RJ's BMW Motorcycle Services and works at his home.
  3. I went for a drive yesterday and the road from Murwillumbah to springbrook is fine.
    Otherwise there is the Pacific HIghway.
  4. Thanks. Trying to find out if roads have been damaged or not in SE Queensland with the recent weather is proving difficult.

    After much discussion we're now looking at coming up the New England highway to Warwick, then cutting across through Kilarney, into Beaudesert, Tamborine, Loganholme and into Brisbane.

    Coming out the same way to the Loganholme motorway, Warrego highway back to Toowoomba. Then back on to our original route north following the west side of the ranges, eventually hitting the coast near Proserpine, before ending ip in Townsville, hanging a left and heading for the NT border. I haven't travelled most of this area in more than 20 years and then only as a kid.

    Can anyone tell me if there is any potential problems with this route. We have a BMW K1600GT, K1300R and a 1050 Triumph Speed triple. Off roading is not an option.
  5. Fair warning, the road heading East from Killarney to Beaudesert is, how shall we say, "A little rough" until the intersection of the Mt. Lindesay Highway (which heads north to Beaudesert) and the Summerland Way (which heads south to Kyogle, Casino, etc).

    It's an incredibly bad road - potholed and badly patched and bumpy as hell. Throw in some gravel and sand across several of the corners for seasoning. Delightful. :)

    On the upside, Mt. Lindesay Highway heading in the North direction is an amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing bit of road and its surface is generally pretty good. Southbound, Mt. Lindesay is a bit rough.
  6. Ok that's good to know. We were going to ride from Warwick right through eventually hitting the motorway near Loganholme. Open to other suggestions to get from the New England to Brisbane.
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    How much of a hurry are you in?

    If time isn't too pressing, head from Tamworth towards Port Macquarie on the Oxley hwy then up the Pacific hwy to Urunga. Then take the waterfall way up to Bellingen and Dorrigo. From there take the tyringham road until you hit the armidale rd, then take a right and head towards Grafton. From there you can take the pacific hwy towards the gold coast or the summerland way to Casino. Not the most direct route but there is some pretty country and good roads worth riding
  8. 10 000km in 16 days. Is that a hurry? ;) The trip is all about the ride. Coming straight down the centre to Port Augusta, left through Mildura and along the Murray Valley highway into Albury before going The Alpine way into Canberra. A lazy loop through Cowra to Bathurst and down to Richmond, before heading up Putty Rd to Tamworth and up the New England highway. The detour your suggesting is right in line with what we're looking for. This should happily get us into Brisbane were the purchasing Dealer will do their one and only service of my bike.

    From Brisbane we're heading north to Townsville, before turning west and heading home for the NT. We were going to stick to the west side of the ranges heading out of Brisbane, but happy to take suggestions of good riding roads heading north if anyone know of any.
  9. Hi Brick,
    If you're happY to take Craig's route (or any other) to Grafton, I'd suggest following the Summerland Way to Casino AND stick to it up to the Qld Border and Mt Lindsay Hwy. follow up through Rathdowney, Beaudesert up to Brisbane. Just north of Beaudesert the traffic will start to get heavy in morning peakhour, from Jimboomba, so I wouldn't go any earlier than say, 10:00am through there if you can help it.
    Following Mt Lindsey Hwy aka Beaudesert Rd. up to Sunnybank Hills, hang a right into Compton Rd., then left into Pinelands rd., which morphs into Mains Rd then leads straight onto Sth East Freeway, into Brisbane CBD. That is, from Beaudesert to Brisbane, you only make those two turns.
    Check the racq and nrma road reports for latest info.
    Regarding Pacific Hwy, I hate it and avoid it at all costs - too many towns to slow down for, school zones, road works, cops.

    Similarly, the Bruce Hwy from Brissie to Rocky is a disaster and I would definitely go inland from Brisbane. We drove this way last August, out to Roma, north to Emerald (camping at Fairbairn dam van park, Lake Maraboon, a great stop off), north on Gregory Dev road to Charters Towers, north still on Gregory Development Rd to the Harvey Range Rd and into Townsville.
    This was in a prado towing a camper trailer and was a great trip. Some road works but nowhere near the reported delays on the Bruce.

    Coming back from Bathurst last week, a lady said over the uhf that there were delays between Towoomba and Dalby. She took two hrs to do a 50 min drive. How that stands now, check racq road reports.

    This may give you some ideas anyway, give us a yell if can help further.
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  10. This is pretty close to the route we're close to locking in to get into Brisbane. I purchased the bike from Morgan & Wacker who have offered to do the 10k service at short notice for me. Looking to ride into Brisbane late morning so your info confirms what we're looking at. Hopefully we can get out early enough to get to Toowomba before dark.
  11. Hey Brick,
    With your arvo run to Toowoomba, I'd avoid that if possible.
    Afternoon peak hour, 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm, usually has the highway at a standstill. At least you can proably filter though. Riding into the afternoon sun is also a big pita. But if you have to, you have to I 'spose. Just go as early afternoon as you can, eh.
  12. People tend to mistake the light grey K1600GT for a LEO on an RT. it tends to part traffic pretty well ;) I hate Darwin traffic and it has nothing on Brisbane. Point taken though, we'll avoid it as much as possible.

    I might actually bite the bullet and ride the pants off it before I go to get the milage up and service it before I leave. Then I can avoid Brisbane altogether.
  13. That would be a clever move!

    I've lived the majority of my life here and while the majority of drivers and riders are decent and capable, there is still too large a component of bloody minded imbeciles - on a par with every other capital city in this country and NZ. IMHO
    No offence intended, but that's my experience.
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    From Brissy, I would head out of town via the Mount Samson Rd and Mt Mee road to Woodford.

    Then jump on the Kilkoy-Beerwah Rd and head toward Peachester. Just before Peachester turn left and head to Maleney on the Maleny- Stanley river Rd.
    From Maleny, head to Kenilworth, then on to Gympie via the Mary Valley through places like Imbill. All of this is pretty country and good riding.

    Heading north, I like the Burnett HWY. I have used it on my last two trips south to the sunshine coast ( October and December just passed). It kind of mirrors the Bruce hwy until Rocky but is 50-100klm inland and is a more interesting road. The Burnett is not busy, you rarely see a cop and no road works at the moment.

    To get onto the Burnett HWY, head out of Gympie on the Bruce for about 10klm, then take a left onto the Wide bay HWY heading to Kilkivan. From there take the Kilkivan-Tansey Rd, which takes you to the Burnett. Then just follow the signs to Biloela. From Bilo, follow the signs to Rocky.

    The Burnett ends at Dululu. From there its up to you which way to go. Head straight up the Leichardt HWY until you hit the Capricorn HWY. Then make a choice. Either way is fairly boring on a bike, so pick right to head into Rocky and up the Bruce to Mackay and onto Townsville or take a left and head out towards Emerald. I would take the Bruce from here personally.

    Either way, hit the maps and check it all out mate! Good luck, let us know how it all goes and dont forget to wave on your way through if you pass through Mackay!
  15. Yep, more interesting route Craig.

    This pretty much the way we returned from Townsville in August. (Relos in Mackay & Rocky) Spent a couple of days in Cania Gorge.

    Be wary of the Burnett highway though. I believe it got smashed in the Australia Day floods this year. I'm sure they bridges washed away but check the road closures web sites to be sure.

    Any locals on this forum able to advise?
  16. Yeah fair point.
    I cant comment on it as I was last on it in January on my way back to Mackay from the Sunny Coast. Pretty sure the RACQ website has info on the road closures and conditions?

    It would be worth a visit before taking any route west or north of Brissy. Either way Brick, the ride I suggested from Brissy to Gympie is well worth it! LOL.
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  17. This is awesome guys! :) Thanks very much. I was planning on installing a GPS on the bike before I went but the genuine option just about had me wet my pants in fear! I new version of the trusty biker Atlas, and a hi-lighter pen will do much the same stuffed into the top of the tank bag.

    I think the route out via Gympie sounds far more interesting. We figure that once we hit Queensland then a trip to the local Police station and a word with the LEO's about road conditions a head will be a regular occurrence. I have 3/4 of a KM of dirt driveway. The GT is not at home pretending to be a chook chaser! Far too much torque.I don't need bad roads if they can be avoided. It's just a pity we don't have other options for routes from Darwin to Alice Springs or Townsville back to Darwin. There's some long boring road.....

    If there are any locals that know first had the road conditions between Brisbane and Townsville, I'd really appreciate the heads up.
  18. Have you left home yet? I got the impression you were on the road already but could be wrong.
  19. Riding out of Darwin on Good Friday morning. Just short of 10 000km in 16 days. How nuts are we? Not that we'll be able to feel them after 16 days ;)

    The trip should average around 600kms a day with only two big +900 km days thrown in.